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Part 9 of My name is Marco and This is My Story.......

My sweet boy is scheduled to be neutered tomorrow and I'm nervous. I realize that usually rescue's are already altered when you adopt them but for some reason Marco wasn't. I'm thinking that because he had previously been so abused and starved that maybe he just wasn't healthy enough. We've been letting him settle in with us before undergoing surgery and feel that he's finally ready. I'm in total agreement with the surgery but am nervous about him undergoing anesthesia given the fact he has a… Continue

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Part 8 of My name is Marco and This is My Story.......

The first time we met Marco on his adoption day his foster mom told us that the entire time he had been with her, he always slept with his head hidden under the bed. Sure enough he has been doing the same thing with us since he joined our family. It's actually pretty funny to see because his long body is all stretched out with only his head hidden. I'm certainly not an expert but I've always thought he just felt safer that way. We have also noticed that during the day when he wants to nap he… Continue

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Part 7 of My name is Marco and This is My Story.......

We are so blessed to have several neighbors who are just the most awesome people in the world. They all felt our pain with us when we lost Mocha a few months ago and also shared our joy when we adopted Marco. All of them stop me on my daily walk with Marco to talk to him and brag on him (he's still too shy to be petted by strangers.)

The other day I was telling one of my neighbors that I had taken Marco to a new dog park to play and was very disappointed that the fence was only about… Continue

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Part 5 of My name is Marco and This is My Story.......

My mom had back surgery and I went to Dallas to be with her so it was Marco home alone with Rob, Papa, and the cats. I knew he would be fine but he is such a Mama's boy that I was a little nervous about leaving him. I had been gone a couple of days and the weather was beautiful so Rob left him in the backyard for a few hours......When he got home he went to let Marco in and discovered that he had been chewing on the door frame and locked doggy door for hours trying to get inside.....bad, bad… Continue

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Part 6 of My name is Marco and This is My Story.......

With his new found self confidence Marco has started showing his true personality. He acts like a little, bitty puppy in a big dog body. I think it's because he was chained in a storage shed for the first two years of his life and never allowed to be a puppy. He did have phenomenal foster care before he came to us but I think he knows he's finally at his "forever home." He runs, romps, bounces, pounces, and wags his tail constantly. What a difference from just a couple of weeks ago when we… Continue

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Part 4 of My name is Marco and This is My Story.......

Marco finally let my father-in-law (Papa) pet him on the head and then laid down beside his recliner. What a sweet, precious moment. I know that before too long they will be the best of friends. Papa has been concerned about how skinny Marco is and what a picky eater he is so he has been boiling venison and giving him the meat and broth. Although Papa is 91 he looks and feels like he's 70. He gardens, fishes, mows the lawn (riding mower) and cooks dinner during the week. That being said, Marco… Continue

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Part 3 of My name is Marco and This is My Story.......

We adopted Marco on May 3rd so I'm playing "catch-up" on his story and am pretty much recording things as they have happened the past four weeks while they're still fresh on my mind.........soon his story will be live and up close and personal.......

Marco was due for a heartworm pill the week we brought him home so I scheduled an appointment with our vet for a wellness check. He was very shy but brave in the waiting room. I had three different people ask me what kind of dog he was… Continue

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Part 2 of My name is Marco and This is My Story.......

We continued our journey with Marco to North Carolina where we rented a quaint little log cabin in the mountains and did some site seeing. He went everywhere we did and was a real trooper. Finally, after a few days of vacation we headed out for the long drive home to Texas. He was an excellent travel companion and very well mannered. Finally, seven states lines later we were home.

When we got to our house we brought him in on his leash and let him get acquainted with our two cats,… Continue

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Part 1 of My name is Marco and This is My Story.......

Hi, my name is Jodie and I am the very proud new mommy and narrator for Marco. This is his story.

This first time I saw a doodle was about 5 years ago during a routine vet visit with my Chesapeake Bay Retriever (Mocha). I had never seen such a sweet, darling dog as that doodle and immediately fell in love with it.

Being a "big dog" lover means that during my lifetime I have owned three golden's, one lab,… Continue

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Doodles having fun!

This morning at Chaparral Dog Park in Scottsdale, AZ a few of us got our doodles together for some fun! The dogs seemed to enjoy it and so did we! Thanks to The Kleins for coming! It was great to see Janet and Jess out, with mischievous Phoebe! Michele and Penny the Wonderdog along with Becky and Reese were there as well. And then there was myself and Ron, Marlow and Lola! We met a few other Doodle owners and one adorable 5 month old goldendoodle puppy named Woody who liked to stay with us… Continue

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Is that a sheep in your backseat?

I just had to share....Ron and I took Lola and Marlow to the park this morning, which they enjoyed tremendously. On the way back we stopped at the gas station to get a newspaper and when Ron went in, the guy behind the counter was staring out at our SUV. I had rolled the window down and Marlow had his head stuck out enjoying the breeze. The man asked Ron "Is that a sheep in your back seat?"......Ron said he replied that is the crazy dog my wife… Continue

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What a day!

I don't know how many of you know this, but my husband has been on kidney dialysis for 3 years and the kidney transplant list for 4 years. I have not felt good (allergies) for the last couple of days and stayed home from work yesterday. At 8:30am I was on the phone with the skilled care nursing home my father was in when the call waiting beeped. Then my husbands cell rang and then the call waiting beeped again and then my cell rang! I yelled for Ron to check his message, because there had to be… Continue

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Find Zander

Can't locate which site I was on when I discovered Zander. Owner passed away. He is in shelter in Cuba ,N.Y.

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Why Homecook for your Dogs?

If you start your research into Commercial Dog Food Companies, you begin to get sick. That a company would put some of the crap into the food we feed our family members is disgusting. Go on...do your own research. Do a search engine search like "What is in dogfood" and read some of the stuff that comes up. Pick up a copy of "Pet Food Politics" or "Food Pets Die For" and read the awful truth.

Homecooking is the logical alternative. Sure there are some good companies out there, making… Continue

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Stratford Ontario SPCA benefits from Birthday Party!!!!!

My eldest daughter turned 12 and had the typical 'tween' party of pizza, cake, movie and a sleep over. The difference was that instead of presents the girls made donations to the OSPCA! My daughters enjoyed showing the shelter dogs some love when we dropped off our gifts! We LOVE our Rescue Doodle, Mindy and we were pleased to find another way to show it!

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Bocker takes Part in Red Carpet Fashion Show to benefit Animal Haven

Continuing his efforts to help those less fortunate than he is, Bocker the Labradoodle took part in a Pre-Westminster Red Carpet Fashion Show at the Hotel Pennsylvania in NYC. The evening benefited Animal Haven Shelter and the Mut-i-grees program of North Shore Animal League. Bocker was the star, again representing labradoodles and the wonderful breed that they are. Bocker is here to help!! He brings smiles wherever he goes and gives back as much love as he receives.

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guardian or adoptive doodle for a small human

parker age 5 and mom leeann are looking to rescue or adopt doodle in florida. we are very fun and like to walk a lot. we spend out daays at the park, beaches and of course nature trails.
we hope that someone in the community of doodle world will help us find our own doodle forever. thanks for all he info that we recieve from all you folks out here. again leeann and parker

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Unscrupulous Breeders - Unscrupulous People

I am old enough to understand that most things in this world revolve around money. But I will never understand how making money at the expense of the suffering of others, especially the dogs and puppies in puppy mills, can be justified.

I knew Ginger came from a puppy mill in PA because Jodi told me. But until the Oprah Special and I started looking into it, I never really understood what a puppy mill really was.

The truth is that they are horrible, evil, nasty places that… Continue

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Lifetime Committment

Many times, myself and others have wondered how someone could give up a dog for rehome or worse abandon him in the wild or at a shelter. I know I could never do that. I would feed them before I ate. They would be happy to live in a cardboard box if they were with me.

When I was 19 to young 20's, I had a beautiful Samoyed named Chrystal. There were many times I was broke. I remember one Thanksgiving when I was alone in Daytona Beach, Florida. I lived in an $8.00 a night motel, no job… Continue

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