I just had to share....Ron and I took Lola and Marlow to the park this morning, which they enjoyed tremendously. On the way back we stopped at the gas station to get a newspaper and when Ron went in, the guy behind the counter was staring out at our SUV. I had rolled the window down and Marlow had his head stuck out enjoying the breeze. The man asked Ron "Is that a sheep in your back seat?"......Ron said he replied that is the crazy dog my wife adopted! When he came back to get in, he was laughing. When he told me, I am sure the guy heard the peals of laughter as we drove off....doesn't everyone carry a sheep in the backseat? I know I didn't brush him before we went out, but didn't think he looked that bad! LOL!

LuvLittleAbby posted this in response to the blog post by the same title on DoodleKisses:

This is so funny! Did I adopt a sheep instead of a goldendoodle??

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Comment by LM Fowler - Admin on May 7, 2009 at 5:58am
He does need glasses. Ron too. LOL Marlow is gorgeous.

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