Alpha Dog Transport
LNT Transport
Adkins, TX.

Operation Roger
web page:

Dogster Railroad (forum w/ people from all 50 states)
web page:

BigDawgs Rescue and Transport
web page:

Hero’s Waggin Train

Boxer Canine Underground Railroad
web page:

Golden Retriever Canine Underground Railroad
web page:

Miniature Schnauzer Drive Rescue Network (CUR)
web page:

Wheaten Underground Railroad
web page:

Baseji Underground Railroad
web page:

Rides Across America (Bassets)
web page:

Bulldog Rescue Railroad (British (English) Bulldogs)
web page:

Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport
web page:

Eskie Railroad (American Eskimo dogs)
web page:

Peke Underground Railroad (Pekingese)
web page:

Sheltie Underground Rescue
web page:

Rolling Rescue (Truckers to the Rescue)
web page:

Grayhound Underground Railroad
web page:

Spots and Pals Overland Transport Service (All breed transport)
web page:

Wings for Greyhounds (Air transport for Greyhounds)
web page:

Chihuahua Rescue Transport (US and Canada)
web page:

Yahoo groups:


Pet Transport Net:

Dog Rescue Railroad:

Rescue Transport:


All Breed Rescue:

Biker Babe Transport:

Dog Transport:

Rescue Angels on Wheels:

Illinois Animal Transporters:


PacWest Dog Cooperative:

Rescue Transporters:

For emergency needs/last minute transports:

Specializes in transporting special needs,older dogs, etc. :

Mailing Lists (to post animals in need of transport):

Dog Rescue

Dalmatian Overland Transport

California Rescue

Many shelters also offer or can connect you with transport services/volunteers. They go from Maine to FL and every state on the east coast for a little over $100.00. They do a great job, get the dogs out every 3-4 hours and take puppies out every hour. They also go to AL and TN. Anywhere near the I-95 corridor 207-571-4371.

For transport coordination help, contact Laura @ - she works transport up and down the East Coast.

More info regarding transport:

Transports! Some @NO CHARGE!


by Brenda Adams on Monday, December27, 2010 at 7:15am


This is a very extensive list of both RESCUESand TRANSPORTS!  Some of these transports operate WITHOUT CHARGING! Transportation is available WITHIN the UNITED STATES as well asINTERNATIONALLY!  You will be amazed to know that this list was compiledby Laila Afsoon, an animal lover IN SERBIA!  Laila is a WEALTH OFINFORMATION, WORLDWIDE!  If you have a question about animal rescues andtransports, LAILA IS THE ONE TO ASK!  She is UNBELIEVABLE!  This listis SO VALUABLE!  I can't believe what is available to these animals! They have the own "OVERGROUND TRANSPORTATION" and some are FLYING INPLANES, AS WELL!!!


Wishing All Of You Success With Your Rescuesand Transports!!


Brenda Adams



Forgotten Angels Rescue & Education Center- Rescue Transport Groups Transport Resources

(Maintains list of resources to help rescuesget transported in US)


Angels On Wheels - 1895 Centre Street, Suite#14, West Roxbury, MA 02132 - tel.617-469-4610 - fax617-469-4622 or -


Operation Roger - - a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization comprised of regional and long-haul truckers.


Pilots N Paws - -Petmate® partners with Pilots N Paws


Cloud Nine Rescue Flights:


Pet Airways - - - Pet Airways travel agenttel.408-248-6000 ext 2


Pet Air - - tel.816-471-3852


Throwaway Pups - - email Brandy


Roads of Hope: -(redesigning april 2010)


Truck ‘n’ Paws:


Dreaming My Way Home:


Animal Rescue Flights:


On The Road Again:


Roger Rover (a cross-country volunteertransport resource!;


Freedom Train Animal Rescue Transports - - covers manystates, but focus on sending animals from the south to the northeast


Peterson Express Transport Service - Animal Rescue RoadTrips -


Stephanie Caldwell - coordinates transportsin the east and Midwest

Kamala Martin - a flight attendant that mightbe able to transport

Rita Mueller - a rescue that helps coordinatetransports

TyAnn Stewart - Central Ohio - might be able to help with transports


Humane Animal Resources - HumaneAnimal Resources provides US city, state, national and global listings ofNo-Kill shelters and sanctuaries, including animal rights groups, via web linksand other contact information. - acoast-to-coast network of rescue organizations, transporters, fosters, vets,and animal lovers.


Kat’s Waggin Train - Transport from theSoutheast US to the Northeast US and Points In-Between, $85/dog or $100 for twodogs traveling in the same crate, $125 for Mama dog and puppies - tel.615-582-0759


Coordinated volunteer ground transport - TakeMe Home: Animal Rescue Transports: (seeDiscussion tab for coordinated transport requests)


Coordinated volunteer ground transport - KYCentral:


Coordinated volunteer ground transport - SEPet Rescue Railroad:!/seprr(seeDiscussion tab for coordinated transport requests)


The Dachshund Underground Railroad - LisaRawlinson - -


Jay Richmond's Pet Transportation -comfortable transport of rescue animals in the US - -tel.917-751-3406 -


PetTransportNet - group for transporting Rescued Pets anywherein North America - a group you'll have to joinwith


Colorado Animal Rescue Express(C.A.R.E.) - - Transport Coordinator,Linda Fox -


Tullahoma Small Breed Rescue - Tullahoma, TN 37388 -tel.931-393-3522 - - A rescue friendlytruck driver who regularly drives a route between Colorado and the East Coast


Companion Rescue & Transport - Nashville, TN 37221 -tel.615-260-8473 or tel.731-217-6196 -


Sky Ark - free airtransportation - - P.O. Box 1553, Buena Vista, Colorado 81211- send message via


Flying Paws - -message to be sent on contact page


Badger Rescue Animal Transport Services, Inc.-

10602 N Port Washington Rd #204, Mequon, WI 53092 - tel.414-322-1085


Alpha Dog Transport Inc. - tel.508-868-0642 -


Pooch Logistics, Inc. - - 300 Brittney Lane

Sharps Chapel, TN 37866- tel.800-698-2519 (toll free) - tel.865-278-3400 (local) - tel.865-585-4654(cell) -


Pro-Pet-Transport - MAIN OFFICE ProfessionalPet Transports Inc. - 59154 Trafton Lane, OR 97845 - John Day -


Mailforum: -shelters and transport in KY


Tucker Fleiss Rescue/ in Los Angeles, CA


Kyle Young - - tel.661-874-7546 -volunteer with the Lancastershelter


Pilots and Paws, a dedicated group of privatepilots that transport pets is on facebook!

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