Part 1 of My name is Marco and This is My Story.......

Hi, my name is Jodie and I am the very proud new mommy and narrator for Marco. This is his story.
This first time I saw a doodle was about 5 years ago during a routine vet visit with my Chesapeake Bay Retriever (Mocha). I had never seen such a sweet, darling dog as that doodle and immediately fell in love with it.

Being a "big dog" lover means that during my lifetime I have owned three golden's, one lab, and a chessie, all of which came to me as adult dogs in need of a home, therefore I know what fabulous personalities they all have......that being said.....a few months ago I lost my Chessie (Mocha) to old age and disease.
Although heart sad and weepy after my sweet Mocha passed, I only lasted a couple of months before I absolutely could not stand not having a big dog in our home. After all, a house is not a home without our furry four-legged friends as a part of it, including the wet, muddy footprints on the hardwood floors during Houston's rainy season. I even missed the pawprints........

That's when I started my search and discovered the Doodle Rescue Collective and began my journey for a new rescue baby. After several weeks of searching the Southern states without any results (always too late), I decided to search the Southeastern area knowing that we were going to be in Georgia on vacation and I could pick one up on the trip.

I will never forget the early Saturday morning when I was sitting in bed, enjoying my coffee and searching the DRRC and found "Marco in Georgia" available for adoption. My heart absolutely skipped a beat because I just knew he was the one. Jacquie had just posted him the previous night. I grabbed the phone and called and was the first caller. To make a long story short, six days later I was headed to Georgia to pick up Marco.......

So much for the history, now it's Marco's turn..... Marco is a white Goldendoodle and was kept tied in a storage shed in his owners backyard for the first two years of his life. They then abandoned him at a kill shelter. The night before he was to be put down he was rescued by a fabulous rescue group "Caring4Creatures". His rescue mom says that he had seven inches of matted hair which was solid feces and urine. It took her and her husband three hours working side by side to cut the hair just so they could clean him up enough to shave him. He was in foster care for three months getting socialized until listed by Jacquie.

When we first met Marco he was very shy and cowered and tucked his tail.....we could tell he had previous been horribly mistreated. People who abuse animals should be punished but that's a whole different discussion. After about an hour of visiting, Marco was timid but finally let me and my husband Rob pet and love on him. We loaded him in our car with a new bed and toy and headed out. The attached pictures are of the first time we met and in the car on our road trip.

After we picked Marco up in Georgia we continued our road trip to Myrtle Beach, S.C. which was about a 5 hour drive. We placed his bed directly behind us in our car and took turns talking to him and petting him during the drive. After we checked into our hotel we walked on the beach several times with him. The most precious moment was when we were settled in for the night and he jumped up on the bed with us. His tail wagged and although timid he seemed happy. Awe, life is good.........

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Comment by Jodie Hart on May 30, 2009 at 5:10pm
Thanks Lynne. I so much appreciate you and Jacquie and Karen. You've all been a huge support system for me.

Comment by LM Fowler - Admin on May 30, 2009 at 9:33am
Awh, I am in tears here! AND I already knew the story. I am so happy for you all and Marco. Keep the stories coming. We love stories.

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