Saturday in Oakville Ontario started like any other. Waking up a little later, letting the dogs out for their morning release, eating breakfast together... everyone was happy and... clean.

Because it was gloriously sunny out, my boyfriend, his sister and I decided a romp at the dog park would be perfect, I mean how long will this balmy weather last? The dogs too, with the renos in our house, haven't been getting the usual play time.

We loaded the bowzers in the car and drove to our favorite doggy park. Cody whimpered the whole way, desperate to rocket himself through the bush and dig in the dirt. Tessa just sat, all innocent and aloof as she most often does. What happened next was.... well, nothing short of a clean-freak's nightmare!

Now I am not stickler for clean dogs. So long as their paws are dry they have the run of the house (excluding the bedrooms). When we go to the park I always prepare myself that they will need a little wipe down (especially Tessa with her fluffy beard, it's collects drool and thus dirt when she sniffs the ground). But alas, the barrier that usually inhibits the curious canine from roaming into the stream had been damaged and Cody, ooh, Stealthy monster that he is, led his sister into the stream AKA SWAMP... and both came out, head to toe, in wet, goopy, leave-filled guck. The look on their faces as they charged out was priceless. Their tongues hung low and their tails were wiggling. Tessa, 10 minutes earlier was a prestine cream coloured Dood. Now as she raced towards me to show off how pretty she was I had to chuckle. She was a two toned mess! Dripping wet with black sludge, sigh, my sweetheart Tessa. The other rompers steared clear and lots of "good lucks" were given as we dragged our happy (and oh so soggy) fur babies to the car.


The bath time that ensued once we got home took an hour in total. Tessa obviously taking up most of that compaired to her short haired brother. Neither were impressed to get clean however, now they smell like delicious orange creamsicles (the name of their shampoo is actually called, "Orange Creamsicle") and are incredibly soft. Tessa in particular is SO fluffy and prances around, resting her head on your lap for a nice ear rub :)

I wonder how long the cleanliness will last............

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Comment by Jodie Hart on November 16, 2009 at 9:21pm
I loved the story. Pictures please?

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Comment by Jeannine, Gamine & Thalie on November 16, 2009 at 5:17pm
This is hilarious!! No photos????

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