It's been a busy week in our household with the renos still going on. Poor pups haven't had much Mommy/Daddy time so on Saturday, we got down the floor with them for some belly rubs and tug of war. We also thought to challenge them with a nice "teaching new tricks" session. Chris is the king of teaching dogs new tricks. Our Cody is a little more obedient than doodly Tess. She'd rather shake paw 10 times before learning anything new. It's so funny.

Anyway, we taught Cody to balance a cookie on his nose (he can hold it now for 4 seconds before he snatches it out of the air) and Tessa learned "high Five" and is almost there with "play dead." Sometimes Tessa misses your hand with the high five and nearly plows you right in the face, ha!

And this is hilarious... everytime we ask Tessa to play dead now, Cody throws himself to the floor and puts his paws up! He learned this trick a long time ago. He actually knows a lot of tricks. He picks them up so quickly. I want to eat him up, he's adorable :)

I'll try to get some actions shots of them performing and post them soon!

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Comment by LM Fowler - Admin on November 26, 2009 at 10:26am
Awh, I wish I had time to teach tricks. None of my 4 do any...unless you consider pawing at the treats cabinet or laying on my feet as I cook, a trick. Jazzy stands up like a toddler, with his paws up, as if to say, "Up Momma," when he wants to be picked up. But no doggie tricks here. Have a great holiday.

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