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Tessa's Summer Cut! (Done by Mommy and Daddy!)

Chris and I spent two hours last night cutting the matts out, line brushing, combing and then clippering Tessa’s wooly coat. It looks short but that is merely because we had to take a lot of the curl off. She is SO happy. All the matts are gone now. And she’s not completely…


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Exercising with my dogs

Well! Who knew it could be so much fun. Usually it's a walk for a half hour or a trip to the leash free... which is good, sometimes. I watched an episode "At the end of my leash" and got inspired! My dogs, to calm their inside rough housing, need to be more stimulated (and structured!) during their routine exercise. Sooo...

I put on my helmet, straddled my bike and off we went. We started last night. WOW. What an incredibly rewarding experience.… Continue

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Are you ready for some serious cuteness???!!!!

Ahhhhh! Baby Cody!!!!
I found this in the depths of my digital dog photos :) SO cute!

Added by Jenny Jackson on March 24, 2010 at 9:56pm — 2 Comments

Funny doodle quirks

I had to write these down before I forgot... Tessa has some of the funniest quirks! I wonder if this or if it is in fact a species thing, and not just a breed thing. Hmmm. Either way, every time she does them I laugh out loud... perhaps it's because the expression on her face? GOOFY girl!

1. Taking her large doodly paw and smacking her brother in the head or face until he starts tackling her... (Poor Cody, he sometimes hides under the table or leaps on me on the couch to have…


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Cuddly Tessa

It's Friday night and we've had the most beautiful day in Oakville... the sun was shining and it felt like spring! Chris had the dogs outside all day while he worked on his truck and left the windows and doors open to freshen up the place.

We went out tonight for some all you can eat sushi with good friends of ours. We've come home now with our Tim Horton's coffee and tea and while Chris plays a video game I am online, looking at all the cute adoptable doodles. (Currently IN LOVE with… Continue

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The story of Tessa's fur brother, Cody...

This is CODY - a 56lb Beagle, Walker hound, boxer mix. I wanted to write this blog to tell you his story. He is our love bug, our Mr. Sensitive :-) He is, in a way, a rescue......

When Chris and I started living together two and a half years ago, we started thinking about getting a dog. We were desperate actually. We stopped in at the Mississauga shelter and found a playful and adorable Pointer mix. He would definitely need some… Continue

Added by Jenny Jackson on January 8, 2010 at 11:58am — 2 Comments

Mommy and her Dood...

Chris was working today and during a break from painting in the bedroom, I came down to the living room to check on the dogs. They have been so tired since we came back from New Years up at my aunt and uncle's country place. (They played with 3 westies!)

Anyway, took this photo. Don't mind what I look like, unwashed and haggered from painting! Tessa, my precious dolly face :-)

Wishing everyone a very Happy New… Continue

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Santa arrives soon!...

First off, Happy Christmas to all!!!

I cannot believe how quickly Christmas has come this year. Here in Toronto, we have a tiny dusting of snow on the ground. A little disappointing considering when I was little, I always remember a ton of snow this time of year. This year, the storm brewing in Texas is making its way to Canada, giving snow to our northernly neighbors and rain for us southerners. Global warming is having more… Continue

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The grooming has begun!

Chris left for work around 8:30 tonight... and I thought, well, it's nice and quiet, the fire is going and the dogs are really chill. Perhaps this might be a good time to introduce some scissors to my girl. She was soooo good. I brushed out her face and her ears (again) and decided to use the thinning sheers so that I didn't make the edges too 'straight.' I think it turned out nicely! She's looking quite fluffy and cute. Her fur on top of her head was really thick, it's lighter now. Her ears… Continue

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Entering new territory...

After much research, I have decided I am going to start grooming Tessa myself! OH god! I know.. am I crazy?? I think in the long run, I will save money and Tessa will be less stressed. I know all the blades and combs I need to use for the "standard" Doodle cut ... if there is such a thing, hehe. Our doods are in a class of their own, aren't they!

Tonight Chris and I went to PetSmart and bought a heavy duty Oster - Golden A5 clipper, some scissors and thinning shears. I also bought… Continue

Added by Jenny Jackson on December 3, 2009 at 10:49pm — 1 Comment

"Photo Face"

I just recently cut the fur away from Tessa's eyes. I do tidy-ups on her when her curls start to get a little wild. Anyway she was look particularly cute tonight. I had to take a couple of photos to share with my Doodle friends :)

She loves sitting pretty for Mom!…


Added by Jenny Jackson on December 2, 2009 at 10:39pm — 1 Comment

While Mom was away...

Chris took over dog sitting this past weekend while I was away visiting family in NJ. Apparently, they had a great time without me -- dog park visits, treats, wrestling matches... and, afternoon naps.

Added by Jenny Jackson on December 2, 2009 at 4:23pm — 1 Comment

Dog dreamin' days...

My boyfriend showed me this photo he took of when we were babysitting our Doberman baby a month ago...

See the attachment :)

How precious!!!!! I wish I had been then to feel the coziness :) The pups.pdf

Added by Jenny Jackson on November 24, 2009 at 3:20pm — 1 Comment

New tricks...

It's been a busy week in our household with the renos still going on. Poor pups haven't had much Mommy/Daddy time so on Saturday, we got down the floor with them for some belly rubs and tug of war. We also thought to challenge them with a nice "teaching new tricks" session. Chris is the king of teaching dogs new tricks. Our Cody is a little more obedient than doodly Tess. She'd rather shake paw 10 times before learning anything new. It's so funny.

Anyway, we taught Cody to balance a… Continue

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Puddle Jumping...

Saturday in Oakville Ontario started like any other. Waking up a little later, letting the dogs out for their morning release, eating breakfast together... everyone was happy and... clean.

Because it was gloriously sunny out, my boyfriend, his sister and I decided a romp at the dog park would be perfect, I mean how long will this balmy weather last? The dogs too, with the renos in our house, haven't been getting the usual play time.

We loaded the bowzers in the car and… Continue

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Silly doodle furcuts

Hi all... the picture you see is one of Tessa's better grooms. But I thought I'd post some photos of Tessa's 'not-so-great' furcuts. Sigh* We've all been there I think.

I finally found a place that REALLY knows the doodle cut. It took a few failed attempts but I am happy now :) Tessa is too! They are really gentle with her and even give a grooming report card! haha. This just cracks me up. Tessa is great during the whole thing except for the… Continue

Added by Jenny Jackson on October 21, 2009 at 10:52am — 2 Comments

The doggy routine, complete with Doodle quirks...

Hi All!

Lil' Tessa is turing into quite the Dood. She is turning 2 on November 5th and I can't believe how quickly the time has past. The bouncing bundle of fur is now a LARGE bouncing bundle of fur with more personality than any other dog I know. What is it with Doods always wanting to let you know they are there... no matter what you are doing! Or how about sitting so proudly in front of you for an approving pat or licking your face until it's soaking wet :) My favorite is her… Continue

Added by Jenny Jackson on October 8, 2009 at 9:37am — 2 Comments

Feeling frisky

So our house guest was feeling a little smitten with Tessadoodle last night.... as Chris and I were watching t.v. Ramsey tried several attempts to mount her and poor ones at that, Tessa just lay there... chewing her bone and giving him a couple of growls when she'd had enough. It was really funny to watch. He mostly humped the air and would look down at himself wondering what was happening!

For the rest of the night, he was a complete pest, following her around and nibbling her neck.… Continue

Added by Jenny Jackson on September 15, 2009 at 8:43am — 1 Comment

A furry guest...

So the dogs are settling into the routine and their new space quite well. They are very curious sniffing every corner and happily playing in the yard. Tessa's favorite thing is to patrol for squirrels and Cody brings all his toys on the grass for Mom and Dad to see.

Our good friend has a 3 yr old black and tan Doberman named Ramsey. He is off traveling for 10 days and we decided to have Rams stay with us instead of being in a kennel. Cody and him are inseperable! Cody will sit and… Continue

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A new home...

A new home in Oakville Ontario!

My boyfriend and I just bought our first home. What an amazing feeling it is. We lived in a tiny one bedroom apartment one city over and with two large breed dogs, it was starting to grate our sanity! Tessa, our doodle, is 64lbs and Cody, the beagle/boxer cross is 57lbs! Phew.

We were worried about the transition with the dogs. Being a new home, new smells... would they mark their territory? Would they chew things? We moved in yesterday and… Continue

Added by Jenny Jackson on August 28, 2009 at 2:07pm — 2 Comments

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