Part 18 of My name is Marco and This is My Story.......

Saturday is my one day a week to sleep in which I totally cherish....this morning I woke up and found Marco stretched out full length beside me on Rob's side of the bed (Rob doesn't allow him in bed with us) but as soon as Rob's feet hit the ground in the morning our boy jumps up to join me....Lilly our cat was cuddled up next to me under the covers on the other side, and of course Max, our other cat and the Alpha of our home was at my feet.....what a Glorious way to begin the day! Just having all of our sweet babies cuddled with me brought a huge smile to my face. It also makes me happy that after weeks of working with him, Marco now realizes the cats aren't "play toys" and now just totally ignores them.

This afternoon I decided Marco needed a bath. It's been two weeks since his last bath and although he has no odor, he is hair is pristine white so gets very dirty easily. This time I lifted him into our garden tub myself without any problems. He has gotten to where he's not scared of his baths and actually seems to enjoy them. The entire time I was bathing him I marveled at the fact that I couldn't feel his ribs and remembered the first time I bathed him and was so shocked to see how starved he looked while wet.

After his bath he did the "rabbit run" around and around the house jumping, spinning, and barking and barking and barking......

He feels so good clean and is very, very playful tonight! Happy July 4th to all of our "doodle buddies" out there!

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