to our good friend

J, your support and friendship has meant  so much to us. You are the backbone of what we are doing here...you are the reason why we keep going...you are a true friend!



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Happy Birthday Jeannine!!! Nous t'aimons. Bon anniversaire .... Deb
Birthday wishes to a great painter! From a great admirer! And four doodle licks for good measure. Happy Birthday friend.
Happy HAPPY Birthday! Hope your birthday is doodleliscious!!
My dear, dear Jeannine! I hope you have a fabulous birthday with lots of doggie kisses and a lot of cake! Bon anniversaire ! Joyeux anniversaire !
Bonne fête !

Thank you so much my dear true friends.

I had a nice and quiet day with a beautiful sunshine day, this is rare on my birthday!
I cook myself a nice cake (!) and had being spoil by my DH and my girls!

Here on this site is where I found my real reason in life. Looking after our doodles/oodles and having you all as best friends is truly amazing to me. You all understand my "french accent" and never make me feel an outsider.

Judith thank you for your encouragement about my painting I so much appreciated that.

Thank you to be here and to be my friends.

P.S. Special thanks to my best GF Lynne who encouraged me all the time and accept me for what I am.

I love you all so much.
J. xoxoxoox
Oh how could I miss your birthday! Bad me. Happy belated birthday my friend.

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Thank you so much dear Sue!
I wanted to throw you a party, but they wouldn't let me bring all the doggies across the border. I hope a virtual birthday party was OK. LOL Glad you had a great day. Love you, J.
So sorry that they were that mean to you at the border. I'm very happy and content with the wonderful party you organize for me. Thank you again. I love you too!

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