Science Diet Challenges Halo Pet Food Advertising

Hill's Pet Nutrition brought a National Advertising Division (NAD) of the Council of Better Busine... challenge against Halo Pet Foods.  Halo agreed to "permanently discontinue" claims made on its website that Science Diet took offense to.  Here are the details... 

The Halo Pet Food claims Hill's Pet Nutrition took issue to were...
"Chicken meal is not nearly as high a quality ingredient as real chicken, from both a health and safety perspective."

"Food with by-products and meals should be shunned."

"Meat meals such as chicken meal are unfit for human consumption...that means unfit for our beloved pets as well...if we shouldn't eat it, neither should our pets!"

"Pet foods made with meat meals or by-products may choose to avoid 4D (diseased, dying, dead, or disabled chickens) and waste products.  But if they use chicken meal it can, and probably does, include 4D poultry and waste products, and there is no way for consumers to know for sure.  Plain and simple, if it says chicken meal, they're allowed to use 4D and waste products - so they have little incentive to do otherwise."

"Halo's raw chicken ingredient, may be sold to human or pet food companies and meets FDA safety and quality standards for human food."

Halo did not "specifically mention competing brands of pet food" and considered its advertising"comparative", but in the end, Halo "voluntarily agreed to permanently discontinue claims that might convey the message that pet foods containing chicken meal or chicken by-product meal are unsafe for pets, as well as claims that pet foods made with meals should be avoided and shunned." Notes...READ MORE

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