Independent Pet Store Owner Jo Bighouse - Midas Touch Health Food in Berryville, VA - recently took a strong stance.  She cleared her store of any pet food or treat that has ingredients sourced from China.  Many other independents have done the same.

Jo shared the decision to remove all pet food/treat products made in China has been evolving since 2007.  "I had alerted my customers to the potential risks of the chicken jerky treats from China when it first came to light 5 years ago.  Two years later I saw an article in the Washington Post that dogs were still getting sick from the treats and they were still on the market.  I forwarded this article to my newsletter recipients and heard from more alarmed customers that they were feeding these China-made treats.  When the treats made headlines again within the last month I sent out another newsletter telling people to check the country of origin on any treats they are feeding and to avoid those made in China.  Some customers had assumed the front of the package with the comforting pictures and words (including American Kennel Club) meant they would not be from China.  My most recent warning caused many of them to look closer at the packaging which revealed some were indeed made in China." 


I am going China Free. Are you?

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