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If people can't afford to buy a pet they won't have the money needed to give these animals the proper care, food and vetting. This insures you won't attract the wrong people or someone who adopts a free pet impulsively, later discarding it. Shelters are full of these abandoned animals. People not sincerely looking for  family pets are sometimes called The Three B's, which means Breeders, Baiters and Bunchers. These "Three Bs" look for the free animals and are individually explained as follows:

1) Breeders: Many times people will pay a great deal of money for a purebred animal and then later regret their decision. They become so anxious to find a new home for their unwanted animal they place an ad, example:"Free to Good Home, Purebred Boxer, brindle, all shots, housebroken, crate included. call xxx-xxx- xxxx.


Now this is just about the best news a for an unscrupulous breeder. With purebred animals bringing in high prices this a goldmine to them plus they can always use the a free crate or sell it. They will be anxious to look at your pet, with or without papers. If they decide the animal looks of good breeding quality and you haven't yet spay or neutered it wonderful. If it has been spayed or neutered,  they can still get a quick buck selling them as a retail item. These backyard breeders always have a large breeding stock and the animals usually are kept in squalid conditions. These people aren't to be confused with people that have an animal they breed and is also a loved and cherished member of their family.


This is your hardcore puppy mill breeders. Once these people take your pet it will spend its short life in a cage reproducing as often as possible. When they become less fertile or their litter sizes diminish they are destroyed, replaced by other animals. This isn't a situation you want for these pets, they would be viewed as commodities with little regard for their personal health or happiness.
2)  Baiters: These are people that are constantly looking for free animals to use as live bait. They like to get young animals or docile family pets to use in training their dogs. These animals are being groomed to fight in illegal dog fights and sadly many innocent animals sacrifice their lives in this endeavor.
3) Bunchers:  There are people licensed in each state to secure animals for the purpose of painful and deadly animal experiments. These "bunchers" can make a good living  supplying  various places with test subjects, this isn't something you   want for your pets.
As you begin to place an animal for adoption you must have some assurances that they and the pets are a good fit.They should fill out an application with includes a references for a vet check, at least one personal reference, their address and phone number.
Never sell an animal to a person that is buying the pet as a gift for someone other than themselves unless the person is with them and fills out the application.  Many animals end up in Kill Shelters because of an unwanted pet gifted to them by a well meaning person.
If for any reason you have doubts always wait a day and take other applications. Finally as you end these adoption processes make sure you get something in writing to assure yourself these little individuals you are placing don't end up in kill shelters. These people must sign a contract that if they are unhappy with the pet they must return the animal to you and acknowledge they are aware this is a binding agreement that will stand up in a court of law.

Thank you for reading my latest article and I hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free subscribe to my future presentations.  ~Linda Beane~

Linda Beane is editor of Animals In Print, ( She is an advocate for animals, both domestic and wildlife. She supports and promotes No Kill Shelters. She is well versed on all animal issues and has written many articles regarding their welfare. Email:

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