Many of our newer members are still searching for their "perfect" Oodle Dog.


Those who have already found their Furry Family Member can help.


Let's talk about what you are looking for and see if other's can't point you in the right direction.


NEW MEMBERS - Post your location and what you are looking for (puppy, older dog, male, female, etc.) If you have questions or need some advice, ask that too.


OLD MEMBERS - Reply to the newer members with some suggestions.



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Good luck in your search, Kate. Keep at it and fill out lots of applications and you will find your doodle. Just be prepared that you will create that "well socialized, fun, active goldendoodle that will enjoy my lifestyle" through your love and patience. NONE will come to you like that but will become that, with love.

Hi there-  Just joined this site.   I have been a lab owner (haha)/lover all my life and my husband and I got a lab just after getting married, our practice baby.  She passed away at 13 years old last year.  We have three kids, all five years old, and our house still manages to feel empty without a pup. 


We just moved into our dream home in Chandler, AZ.  Spacious single level on 3/4 acre corner lot with a fenced in pool and large grass play area.  Perfect for a dog, who of course will mostly be indoors as we only have indoor animals (AZ!).


We were thinking lab again, Maddie was a black female, so we were thinking a lighter male, but then we saw a sweet labradoodle at the farmers market and he was SO cute that it got us thinking.


We are looking for a young, preferably less than a year, pup.  Male or female, any color...  hard to be specific. 


All my labs have been pound and humane society rescue, we are not interested in 'papered' or bred puppies.


thank you!

Amanda, Congratulations on finding your dream home. Now onto the search for your Dream Pooch. Keep an eye on our Southwest Listings: and don't be afraid to fill out lots of applications. AZ Poodle Rescue sees doodles as do some of your local shelters. We just referred a family who needed to rehome their doodle due to lifestyle changes to AZ Poodle Rescue, so keep proactive and you will find your dog. If you see one in a shelter, many times they are dirty and matted but don't be afraid to look under those mats. Once out, cleaned up and fed some decent food, he/she will blossom into a loving family member. Let us know if you need any help or have any other questions.

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