Finally, I got a picture up of my beloved Casey, my first dog (bought for my kids, but of course they grew up and she was really *mine*) who we had to put down in Sept., at 14.5 years old. I miss her so much, I actually take my neighbor's Golden on walks now!

My husband is in agreement that we need another dog in our home,,,just not a puppy. We are in central AZ, Phoenix/Scottsdale area. I saw an adorable labradoodle, Joey, in CA but it would be ideal if we could find one closer to our home.

Is this a realistic expectation?

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LOL, Suzey ("the stinker probably knows it"....hate to say it but I knew a MAN like that!!!)

I just got a reply on the cutie-pie - he's still available, is totally trained but he's $1500 adoption fee and looks like I'd have to fly to Sacramento; even on SW the fares would be $250 ea way so it may not be feasible, sadly....
Yeah,,,,that's what I was *wondering* about....Chandler, another lab-doodle stray, is listed for the same amount/reason has something to do with "subsidizing" their other pets and costs ??
Thanks, Krista. I have looked into Australian Labradoodle breeders as we loved our Lab, though had a hard time with the shedding and resultant dander. Just not up to that puppy chewing stage, etc. again and thought we could provide a good deed by offering a home to a pet in need.

We'll keep plugging away...this is totally new to us and we apprecate the support here!
Whoa....just came home from dinner out (where I told my husband about the [justifiable] outrage over the $1500 fee) and thought there must have been some mistake when my email account was showing 12 new doodle messages!

It's actually reassuring to see the shock/indignation generated by little Joey's huge price tag. He is certainly adorable, no doubt about it (and yes, fortunately Suzey, I've only known one stinker man who fit THAT bill!) but we're also looking for a more of a Lab in our doodle - ideally one in the 35-50 lb range.

What I've read here is very encouraging. I'll keep looking through the postings on this site for my region - and helps to know there are folks like you looking out for me!

Many thanks.
(Doodle Owner Wanna Be)

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