Alternatives to Spot-on Flea/Tick Products

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- An optimally healthy pet is less attractive to pests. A high quality, species-appropriate diet is the foundation upon which your pet’s good health and long life must be built.
- In addition, you now have a safe, natural alternative to chemical pest preventives – Natural Flea and Tick Defense. I’m very excited about this new product and I think you will be, too. For more information, view my recent video to learn just how special and effective this product is for dogs and cats.
- Cedar oil is long-recognized as a flea eradicator, and products exist that are specially formulated for cats and dogs.
- Natural, food-grade diatomaceous earth (DE) helps to remove fleas and ticks from your pet’s body. Never apply the powder to the face where contact with pets’ eyes could happen. DE does not provide any protection against heartworm larvae, which are found in your pet’s bloodstream (not GI tract).
- Fresh garlic can be given to dogs and cats to prevent internal as well as external parasites. Work with your holistic vet to determine a safe amount for your pet’s body weight.


Admin Note:

I know this is a pet peeve of mine and I post these articles every time I find them, but I feel it is my duty to bring this information to our members, until every person gets the message. Do your research, learn what you are putting in and on your dog. Seizures, organ damage and shortened life spans are awaiting you and your beloved pet, If you don't KNOW.


The Frontline's and Avantix's are poisons you are putting on your dogs and cats. Read the Warnings, if you are in danger if it gets on your skin, what makes anyone believe it will not hurt our pets who can't speak from themselves? Asking the vet is great, but YOU need to KNOW and not take a vet's word, or a commercial, or anyone's. Just like we knew what we did for our children, we need to know for our pets. Many vets get a kickback by recommending products, including the foods they sell in the office. From food to vaccinations, KNOW what you are giving your pets.


I stopped using any of these spot-ons about three years ago. I use Cedarcide Best Yet ( and Diatomaceous Earth ( I feed a Premium Kibble, free fed and a Homecooked Dinner of chicken, brown rice and peas and green beans. I add garlic, parsley, fish oil and a daily multi vit; some yogurt or pumpkin as needed and use none of the flea and tick "stuff."


I'll say it again, and again...KNOW what you are giving your pets. KNOW what you are putting ON your pets. KNOW how to help them live longer, healthier and happier.


Lynne Fowler

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THANKS for Posting this!  Researching now...
It's one of my big pet peeves, Sally. There is some scary info out there on all of those spot-ons. Thanks for doing your research.
Thank you Lynne. I refuse to give the girls any chemicals after i read what they can cause to your dog.
wow, I'm shocked and feel like a bad mommy! Thanks for sharing, wish I had seen this sooner... 
Don't feel like a bad mommy, feel like when you know better you do better, as Oprah would say.  I never knew, either. Now I do and I try to tell everyone. We have to be their voice, just like we have to do for our children. Go check out "What's for Dinner?" next. LOL I need to update some of those discussions, too.

Thank You, Lynne great information!

You're welcome. This is one of my soap-box issues.

When we lived on our small farm in Missouri we fed our 5 horses and dogs garlic powder starting in early spring and ending around October 30th.  We bought it from Springtime, Inc. in 5 gallon drums; they have instructions for the amounts to feed. Mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and flies were never a problem once they had been on it for a week or so. Other than having a barn that smelled like an Italian restaurant our animals were pest free. Springtime has the highest quality garlicin various bulk sizes.


That's interesting, Joan. I always add garlic to my dogfood, but I was still seeing ticks. That's when I found the Cedarcide, so with the combo of that, the garlic and the DE, it's working and I have been spot-on free for three Summers now. I am so glad I don't have to use that stuff.

It truly has to do with the right amount to give them; of course you have to wean it into their food over several days like you would anything.  In the 5 years that we had our Labs there we never had a problem; we had the 5 horses there for 8 years and I NEVER pulled one tick off any of them and we backed up to a big forest preserve. Once their body /skin has the garlic in it the vet told us that ticks and fleas and mosquitoes and flies do NOT like the taste. It was very noticeable on the horses with their sleek bites to see and no ticks on them.  Friends of ours were amazed but didn't want to bother with getting it and considered it too much work for their horses. If our girls brought the horses to a friend's farm to ride they told us their horses would stand there flyless while their friend's horse would be covered with summer it was obvious that it worked. You do have to put up with the garlic smell---it wasn't as bad on the dogs though.

Well, whatever it is, it's working here. I am glad to see more people using those spot-ons less, too. I really believe they, and the over vaccs and the crap in many foods is why we are seeing so many more canine cancers and other diseases not seen years ago.

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