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Maximus Fluffamus: The Adventures of a Doodle
Our friend Donna wrote a really cute children's book (doodle loving adults will love it too). Get your copy, Today!
Discussing Behavior Issues
Have a doggie behavior problem? Is he counter surfing? Is she chewing your shoes? Let's Discuss it and Work it out.
Visit your Regional Listings to see Beautiful Oodles and Doodles Waiting for Their Forever Family. JOIN your region and FOLLOW, to get email updates when the Listings are Updated.

Adoptable Listings

 ~~ Northeast Listings ~~ 

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~~ Midwest Listings ~~

 ~~ Canadian Listings ~~

 ~~ Northwest Listings ~~

 ~~ Southwest Listings ~~ 

 ~~California Listings ~~ 

Please remember to keep our friend Kris and her Doodles at The Last Resort Poodle Preserve Sanctuary in your thoughts and Prayers. If you can donate a few dollars a week, please keep helping.  Thank you to everyone who have been donating.



 For Discussion

Our Forum is the best place to ask your questions.

If you are looking for your Forever Friend, we can help.

"What are You Looking For?" is a great place to start.

Jump into a discussion. We all learn by talking about it.

For Rescues

If you are with a Dog Rescue Group and would like to

have a presence on Oodles of Doodles Rescue Collective,

let us know. Join our "Collective" and have a Group Page

of your own. Let me know your Petfinder Addy and we

can add your dogs to our Scroller on the Main Page, too.

Doodle Soup: a blog is on Wordpress:



 When Should you call your Veterinarian? Do you

Know what to Look For?

Do you Have any Home Remedies you Swear by?

 Read Dr. Khuly's top 7 Home Remedies.


The Original Doodle Rescue & Resource Collective
Now Oodles of Doodles Rescue Collective
   $5 to our Rescue for every Tee Shirt Sold. ~ ~


~~Happy Easter ~~

~~Happy Passover ~~


Oodles of Doodles Adoptable Oodles

Meet Luke in NJ

 Meet Seamus in NJ

 Meet Duffy in NJ

Meet Dolly in NJ

Meet Brady in NJ

Meet Terry in NJ 

Meet Nellie in MA

Meet Isabel in VA

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