Thank you for visiting The Rescue Resource Collective Forum. We are all committed to the concepts of freedom of speech and providing a safe place for people to express their opinions and views. Members from all over the world will be participating in our forum. It is to be expected that people will have different opinions and it is our express wish that ALL opinions be respected. Dialog and debate are important parts of our learning process, as issues whether simple or complex can have multiple solutions. Therefore, we have created these guidelines with some important reminders to members. Please read through before posting.


1. Please do not engage in name calling or insults. Be diplomatic when expressing displeasure in differing opinions.



2. Please respect the diverse educational and culture backgrounds of others. It would be a very boring world  if we were all the same. Please refrain from correcting other member’s grammar or spelling. The spelling of Potato-Potatoe does not concern us. Try to keep in mind that doodle welfare is our priority.


3. If you are interested in discussing religion, politics and/or race, you’re in the wrong place. Please find a site that addresses those topics.


4. Administrators retain the right to remove any video, discussion, photo or profile that we feel is offensive or inappropriate. We also retain the right to ban any member we consider to be inappropriate or offensive.


5. While we encourage you to promote fundraising in support of animal welfare, rescue and/or aid, please refrain from personal profit advertising. This includes: Breeders posting litters for sale, those selling or brokering puppies and/or pet stores who advertise puppies for sale. This forum is dedicated to issues of RESCUE. We do not endorse the pet trade nor do we sell puppies or doodles for profit. If you are posting dogs available for adoption or re-homing, adoption fees should be within reason. If at any time we feel that these fees are excessive or inappropriate, the site administrators reserve the right to take action and remove the listing from our forum.


6. Re-homing of family pets is a particularly difficult issue. We believe “Lifetime Commitment” means just that, however, we do understand that sometimes an unforeseen issue emerges or tragedy occurs and re-homing becomes necessary. Please contact if you need assistance.


7. To report abuse or concerns, please send a private message to Lynne Fowler - Creator & Admin of this site.


8. The opinions expressed by others are not necessarily the opinions of the site creators and/or administrators. We will not be held responsible, accountable or liable for the opinions of others.


9. If you suspect that your dog is sick, please see a veterinarian IMMEDIATELY. Delay in providing veterinary care and treatment could result in long term health issues, pain and suffering for your dog and/or even death. Discussions addressing all health and medical topics are welcome but emergency situations must be evaluated by a veterinary professional.  Administrators and members do not claim to be veterinary experts. We urge you to always seek second and/or third opinions regarding any health and medical issues concerning your dog.


10. While we try to limit our membership to those who are over the age of 18, please keep in mind that young children and teens can have access to dialog and materials placed in a public forum on the internet. We will never censor, edit or block appropriate language or materials but retain the right to “bleep” what is obviously inappropriate to all ages.




This online community is in support of rescue activities and responsible dog ownership. One must become a member in order to contribute to this site. Members contribute freely to the various topics and/or discussions available on this site. Any opinion implied or expressed in content, is solely the opinion of it’s authors and is not necessarily the opinion of this site or it's owner. 

The Rescue Resource Collective is not responsible or liable for the content of external sites, links or add-ins within forums, discussions or the personal pages of its members within this site. Administrators retain the right to edit, close and/or delete any discussion, video, picture or member profile, we feel is offensive or in non-compliance with these guidelines.

All content, pictures, video, discussions are considered the property of this site and we reserve the right to alter, amend or remove such content. All materials, shared freely by members, is public property and the owner cannot be held liable for it's use or dissemination.

By becoming a member, you hereby grant this site an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, fully paid, worldwide license (with the right to sublicense) to (a) use, copy, publish, stream, store, retain, publicly perform or display, transmit, scan, reformat, modify, edit, frame, translate, excerpt, adapt, create derivative works and distribute (through multiple tiers), any User Content you (i) Post on or in connection with this site or the promotion thereof subject only to your privacy settings or (ii) enable a user to Post, including by offering a Share Link on your website and (b) to use your name, likeness and image for any purpose, including commercial or advertising, each of (a) and (b) on or in connection with this site or the promotion thereof. 

It is understood that this site, is headquartered in Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA. Any and all legal action taken against this site, must take place in Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA.

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