The Pet Food I Recommend

Finally, I can now tell everyone the pet food that I recommend (and have been feeding my own gang for the past year).  It is...

The most common question I get from pet owners is "what dog food or cat food do you recommend?"  And up to this point, I've not given an answer to this question.  But now I can.

What pet food do I recommend?  Your own pet food - made by you in your kitchen - with your carefully selected ingredients!




And purchase her new cook book:

Authors Dr. Cathy Alinovi and Susan Thixton provide recipes for dozens of tasty, nutritious meals for your dog and cat.  Easy to make recipes including health meats such as chicken, turkey and beef; tasty vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, black beans and alfalfa sprouts.  You have the option for all organic too!  All the nutrition your pet needs, not through synthetic vitamins and minerals, through a variety of wholesome food.

The book contains full directions for each recipe, a step-by-step guide to making cooking simple, a detailed description of the health benefits of each ingredient used, and a Q & A section.  (Please read all of this before you begin cooking.)  The cost is $24.95.  Dinner PAWsible is available on and  

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 - where Dr. Cathy and Susan will be answering all your cooking questions.

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