Dog Chained To Railroad Tracks
Reported by: Send eMail Rudi Raynes
Videographer: John Tincher
Web Producer: Rudi Raynes
Reported: Sep. 16, 2010 10:26 PM EDT
Updated: Sep. 17, 2010 9:37 AM EDT

When Aimee Figgatt and her friend Melanie Davis walked onto the railroad tracks on Teays Lane they thought it was odd that a little dog was just sitting in the middle of the tracks not moving. 

Figgatt says, "We walked over and saw he wasn't just sitting here, he was chained here." 

But this was no accident. 

Figgatt says, "His chain was wrapped twice around a railroad spike and then tied in a knot, and then wrapped twice again and tied in a knot. He had 15-20 inches of chain where he couldn't have gotten to the other side of the tracks. Trains come through here 5-7 times an hour." 

Figgatt rescued the dog and called the animal shelter, 

"He was absolutely terrified and as soon as we got off the tracks he was jumping for joy." says FIggatt. 

So far no one has claimed the little beagle mix dog or fessed up to the crime. 

Putnam Humane Officer, Greg Sydenstricker, says, "There's no sense why someone would tie the dog to the railroad tracks. That's just cruelty at its best." 

Hopefully, there's a special home for the little guy. 

Sydenstricker says, "He's real adoptable, he's really good with kids, and he's in desperate need of a good home." 

Figgatt says, "He was sat here to die and, it was just a stroke of luck, God was watching out for him." 

If you have any information about who did this or if you want to adopt this dog call the Putnam Animal Shelter at 586-0249. 

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