Hi, I'm Lynne and I am a dog-a-holic. I love my dogs and they are the center of my world. I have teenaged twin boys, a husband who is a computer programmer for the army and a volunteer fireman, here in our town. I am also a teacher of Social Studies at an Inner City high school. 

I spent many hours, a few years ago, researching canine nutrition as my beloved standard poodle died because of tainted dog food during the 2007 recalls. I now homecook for my pack as I didn't like all I learned about dog food companies, here in the US.

I also have a passion for rescue. I don't believe people should breed dogs when so many die in shelters because there aren't enough homes for them all. I started a Rescued Group on another forum and it got so much attention and so big, that we decided it needed it's own home, and this site was born. I foster dogs from shelters until I find them Forever Homes and crosspost dogs needing rescue on Facebook.

Friends I met on that other forum and I worked very hard to make this site a reality. Sadly, personalities and problems caused some of us to go our separate ways but this site will continue to educate, engage and hopefully help other's become as passionate as I am about ensuring a better life for rescued animals.

Next time, I'll tell you about my pack.


Introduce yourself, tell us your story and let's get to know each other.


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Well, I have three lovely ladies:

Georgia - F1, goldendoodle, just over 2 years old and a 62 lbs lapdog.
Samantha - Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepherd - Poodle x), almost 2 years old, 50 lbs of attitude.
Abbey - Aussiedoodle, in fact, Sammie's half sister, 4.5 months old, 25 lbs of silly puppy.

Georgia is ball obsessed, I mean really ball obsessed, I have been considering therapy to help her (LOL). Needless to say George's favourite thing to do is fetch. Samantha and Abbey think fetch is stupid, and will never return the ball to you. But they love to be chased for the ball and, since they are both very agile (part Aussie), the chase game can last for some time. Sam & Abbey will give your face a bath if you get to close to them, George on the other hand no kisses but your lap is a great spot.

I have two gorgeous young ladies!
Gamine: 4 years young, not a doodle but in her heart she surely is! Golden Retriever, big sister and very very affectionate. She is the one who "feel" your moods and we adapt herself to it. You'Re sad, she stay close to you and try to change your mind. You're happy, she will play, and turn around you with a smile in her face.

Thalie: Soon two years young, the Doodle the real thing! Part poodle, part labrador, she is a goofy girl who live the tennis ball and a good romp at the park.
We did rescue her in may 2009, she was from a puppy mills in New York state. She was 7 months and scare of all humans and very skinny. She spend one month in a
wonderful rescue name Joyfull. She got glue to Gamine the second she saw her and never let her go.

Gamine trained her and now miss Thalie copied everything her big sister does! She is now the funniest dog and make us laugh every day!

On the photo, is also our old (16.5 years) MaineCoon Bozo!
Hi I'm Joann and my husband is Ed. We have rescued 2 yes 2 dogs in 3 months.  I like number 2 as I have 2 sons, who don't live at home. We have had rescued dogs for about 20 years.  Chloe is a golden doodle and Howie is a labra-doodle.  I am the love of his life Howie and Ed's of course.  Chloe loves us both. This is our first rescue with this breed.  We have been terrier people. Terriers have always reminded me of my boys. Nick our oldest has 2 cairne terriers our grand-pups believe me 2 is enough, they are under a year old. Ed and I pup sit and they are at our house on sundays. Sundays are family day. So many things going on. Guess who makes dinner. Matt also lives in the area he has 2 boys so we have grand-boys. Each son has a women in their lives so also 2, Dawn and Cassie. It's busy and so much fun. Let me know when you want more.  Thank god life goes on and on.   Jo
Jo and Ed, your family sounds beautiful. We are pleased to include you all as part of our Collective Family. Howie and Chloe are lucky to have found you, all.


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