Buffy is one of our Feral's. She came into our rescue from Virginia and is a Norfolk Terrier. We're not sure how old she is, but we pulled her, very pregnant from a high kill shelter. She had her litter of puppies and was a very good mom. Until the pups got bigger than she was.

Oodles found wonderful homes for all the babies, but Buffy has never fully trusted humans. She loves being in her foster home and loves her foster family, but will never be able to walk on a leash or be a "real" family pet. She is very fearful of strangers and will run and hide if someone she doesn't know comes in the house. She doesn't like to be picked up nor handled in any way.

Alone, Buffy is a sweetheart. She will stay in our Camp for the rest of her life and know she is safe and loved.


Our sanctuary is a place of refuge for these unadoptable dogs. Because they were let down by humans in the past, they are not very trusting. At the sanctuary, they are given behavioral therapy or other treatments that give them a sense of safety. They are unavailable for adoption and will spend their lives running around an acre yard, chasing squirrels or lazing in the sun.

You can help by providing a monthly donation of just $20, which will help feed, provide medical care and love these broken souls. Please consider a donation, today.


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