Roxy is a beautiful Goldendoodle Girl, who was surrendered to me by a neighbor of a friend of mine. I offered to take her into my home and promised to find her a home where she would be loved and happy. Her former owner worked many hours and Rox was home alone a lot and in a crate all day and then was a bit wild once she was out.


Roxy had a blast at my house, with my pack but needed a family of her own.



I found her a wonderful family and a brother of her own. Now, she has everything she could ever want, is loved and treasured by her Forever Family.


Roxy is now Moxie . . . One Year Later



Thanks for checking up on Moxie and here is a picture of her at the beach 2 weeks ago. Her personAlity is captured in the photo with Tucker. She has wormed her way into our hears and is a wonderful part of our family. She is a curious pooch with lots of energy and lots of love!

ps...everywhere we go, she makes friends!!! She also never runs away...she is not chewing any longer either!!! She loves to be petted ALL DAY LONG! It is wonderful when my dad comes to stay for his usual week at a time. She gets pets all day. Dad is not able to manage her on a walk or at the park/ beach but loves to pet her!

Thanks for everything and for letting us adopt her. S.


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Oh, she is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! She looks happy with her new brother!
I never started a Happy Tale for her as it was right before Ripley and all that "stuff" that went on last year. Roxy/Moxie's mom sent me this pic a few days ago, so I needed to start her Happy Tale, now. Roxy's another pooch, SHE didn't want in the rescue program and then tried to tell me who to adopt her to. SHE wanted to send her to New England. One of those "fights" ensued and the rest is history. I love hearing how well my fosters are doing because of my choices.
Again you were right!! She is beautiful and look like a very happy Doodle to me!


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