And so it begins... my life as a Doodle Daddy.

Brody came to his new forever home today. To get prepared, I went shopping for my new pal. We got him his bed, and some bowls on an elevated wrought iron stand, a Harley Davidson "Bad To The Bone" matching collar and leash set and of course, TOYS! YAHOO!

Jackie came to our home and met my wife and kids, and introduced us to our new dude... I mean Dood.

As luck would have it, my in-laws came over so the house was packed, and Ol' Brody-Bones had lots of new sights to see and smells to sniff. My in-laws brought him a new ball which he quickly ravaged like a plundering pirate.

To say that we clicked instantly would be an understatement. My boy Brody was happy to be here, and we are so very blessed to have him.

Brody and I took our first (and second) walks together for about an hour a piece.... in the rain, and Brody was so excited to investigate his new environment. We came home, toweled off, and enjoyed a treat for at least doing number one. We'll have to work on number two in the morning.

As for now, he has his cortisone cream on his tummy, and it's wrapped up nicely in his Jimmy Hendrix T-shirt, and my pal Brody is as happy as a clam.

Let the games BEGIN!

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Comment by Kevin on August 29, 2009 at 9:33am
The rawhide bone looks just like my son, Ke=vin's Wii remote. I had to tell him that Brody could mistake one for the other and might eat it by accident. The kids just adore him.

Comment by LM Fowler - Admin on August 29, 2009 at 9:05am
Sure looks like he is making himself at home. I hope he doesn't equate a rawhide bone with leather sofa.

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Comment by Kevin on August 29, 2009 at 8:32am

Um..... Yeah, I'd say he's getting comfy.

Comment by LM Fowler - Admin on August 29, 2009 at 1:20am
Oh, you're in for it now, Kevin! Sounds like things are going well. I had a feeling about you. Take care of that fence and hold tight onto that special boy. I am glad you are now part of our collective family. Brody needed kids and a family to be part of. Again, Congratulations. And Mr. Photographer, we expect to see lots of pictures. Kiss that doodle nose for me!

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