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Meet Molly - ADOPTED

Molly is a beautiful, 2 year old, Goldendoodle (?) girl who was surrendered by her family to Oodles of Doodles, Inc. Rescue, because they thought she was too active.



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Marlow's new job!

Some of you may know that we went this past week and brought my Dad to live with us. I was very worried because when we were young we were not allowed to have dogs in the house. They were for hunting only as far as he was

I continue to be amazed at how fast Marlow has won my Dad over! He is so gentle with him and for the first time did not try to jump up on him when he came in. It is almost as if he senses that he needs to protect him. Marlow can be pretty insistent…


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On a Budget? 6 Holiday Ideas That Cost Nearly Nothing

It's the holidays - Christmas is right around the corner. There is something wonderful about the spirit of giving. I love to give. I really enjoy seeing happy people and pets.

You don't have to have…


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Introducing a new dog into a "pack"

I know a lot of people aren't fans of Caesar Millan, but I did just see a little piece on his show that makes a lot of sense. He was working with a Puli with fear aggression. When he introduced the dog to his pack, he had the owners rubber band the hair out of the Puli's eyes so that the dog's eyes were clearly visible. He said that would help the pack to not think the dog was weird and help them to read his expressions/intent better. That really does make a lot of sense. I have done that in…


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