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Marlow & Sloan's Page

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At 7:32pm on November 2, 2012,
LM Fowler - Admin

Thank you, Suze. Happy to be back. Wish the power was on but can't complain as so many lost so much. 

At 8:44pm on August 11, 2011, Rebecca Pearce said…

Pearce is  my married name, but my husband grew up in Collingswood, New Jersey, and his parents are originally from Philadelphia.  

At 9:26am on August 5, 2011, Joan K Vachon said…

We have one cat that he is sure wants to play with him---not so!  Zoe normally puts dogsin their place very quickly; he however wants to play.  She's tolerant and will in the end be the boss although he is trying very hard to change that! After 2 weeks we see progress in him accepting her in the house; she on the other hand has accepted so many dogs and grand dogs that she will do fine.  My husband says she's reached her limit of having to hide out from him and she stations herself on the floor just daring him to try to get her (always where she can run to get away under the bed)---then she runs at him and whacks at him as he tries to walk away and he tucks his tail and runs away----she has no claws but he doesn't know! He's barking much less at her which is so nice.


We used to take our dogs to the dog beach here; they loved it but just like in the book Marley the salt water did a job on their stomachs as they ingested so much when they fetched....pottying was not a pretty sight nor was the clean up! LOL but oh how they loved it. Eventually we will try the beach....on leash for we fear he would run off now! So many dogs have no problem with gradual slopes into the water---the pool steps can be so scary---that was Quincey's problem; playing with him for 8 days in a row and getting his mind off the steps finally worked---it was a crap shoot doing it as he could have chosen to not swim at all.


FPR has another Doodle, Josie, she's the 3 yr old we 1st wanted; her home inspection fell through; they asked if we wanted her too---I was tempted but it's good that we have just Quincey for now as h e has so much to learn.


At 9:57pm on August 4, 2011, Joan K Vachon said…

Thanks Susan---he is so fun---he can be a handful but at 7 months we expect anything. He is totally house trained---never had an accident in the house; the foster he was with said he trained himself by using the doggie door and being with the other 3 dogs that were there---we are so lucky! We've had Quincey for 2 weeks now---he can sit, give his paw, lay down and leave it (of course with a treat to tempt him). He was afraid of the pool when we got him here and today he leaps into it from the steps like a gazelle; he needs to work on his entry--we may have created a monster as he has landed onmy husband a couple of time---he makes us laugh all the time.  Obedience training starts on 9/1---lots to learn as he seems to want to be the Alpha in the house--especially when he wants on the couch (he becomes a lead weight if he makes his way onto it)--learning "off" will take more work!

At 5:17pm on July 24, 2011, Joan K Vachon said…

We have a Labradoodle...Quincey.  So far we are hanging in there with this 7 month old boy!

At 8:52am on July 20, 2011, Joan K Vachon said…

I found a couple on the Poodle Rescue in St Pete's---filled out the application...not to wait and is 3 and one is almost 1.  Waiting to have some questions answered when they contact me. Both are brown--one lighter than the other.

I wonder if people turn them in because they don't expect the energy they have as young dogs---same as with retrievers.


Do you know much about the health issues of a medium to large Doodle---ears are always an issue for both Labs and Poodles but I wonder about other things?  Like with Labs here in FL we have to watch for ears and of course hips when they age , big dog issues as they age and digestive problems....they are rugged until they age and then their size is their enemy..reminds me of ME!


At 8:46am on July 19, 2011, Joan K Vachon said…

Of course IN Florida would be nice, but we are flexible.  Many say a home visit has to be done so that would leave them out of course since I don't see us making a trip to see them, them coming here and then us deciding and going to get the dog.  If the Wheatonpoo was older I would be on my way to Orlando now! I'm pretty sure I need a rehome since I will know more of

what I am getting but then a puppy would eliminate a lot of things since I would be training the pup---oh, ugh...I can't imagine puppyhood.  For now a rehome makes sense or of course one that is fostered who is known a bit would work too.    LOL---now if that isn't skirting around a decision I don't know what is!

At 10:27pm on July 18, 2011, Joan K Vachon said…

It's hard to be patient and hard to find some in other parts of the US and wish they were closer, but it will all happen when it is right i know. Thanks for the advice.


If you do decide to come visit let me know and maybe we can meet beyond the Doodle site--if you like we could do lunch and I could show you around or I can just give you and your friend pointers to check out on your own.

At 8:43pm on July 18, 2011, Joan K Vachon said…

He is soooo adorable---what a fluff ball! Oh gosh---puppyhood?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I filled out an application for Finn.

I have some questions about some of the other dogs in the Southeastern sector and wonder if I have to fill out an application to have the questions answered or if I can just write to someone and then fill out an application if interested. 

My questions are basically the same:
on some I'd like to know their size as it doesn't say and I can't tell from the photos and on some I'd like to know if they shed. 

I actually have more questions about Finn for his people but wonder if he is living with them now or who I could communicate with.

Thanks !


At 5:10pm on June 23, 2011,
LM Fowler - Admin
He really is and def a LD and not a schnauzer.

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Sunday wrestling match

Posted on September 28, 2011 at 8:02pm 9 Comments

This is an everyday occurence at my house! Marlow and Sloan wrestle and he lets her have her way......girls are little terrors! She shows no Marlow is such a good boy :)

Don't tell anyone....we have crabs at our house!

Posted on July 7, 2011 at 9:05pm 42 Comments

Florida Blue land crabs that is! They are driving the dogs insane! They crawl past the french doors on the edge of the cement and both Marlow and Sloan go bananas barking at them! We did not have them last year, so it was really odd that they have appeared this year.…


Sloan (AKA Flash) and Marlow

Posted on June 15, 2011 at 12:56pm 15 Comments

Be patient and wait for the Flash!




Marlow's new job!

Posted on December 13, 2010 at 12:30pm 7 Comments

Some of you may know that we went this past week and brought my Dad to live with us. I was very worried because when we were young we were not allowed to have dogs in the house. They were for hunting only as far as he was

I continue to be amazed at how fast Marlow has won my Dad over! He is so gentle with him and for the first time did not try to jump up on him when he came in. It is almost as if he senses that he needs to protect him. Marlow can be pretty insistent…


OK Go's video with rescue dogs......great!

Posted on September 29, 2010 at 9:27am 4 Comments

OK Go’s New Viral Video Goes to the Dogs—Literally

Rescue dogs make uncomplaining “four-legged rock stars,” say band members

Remember pop sensation OK Go’s last viral hit, the video for their song "Here It Goes Again" featuring the band members sliding around on treadmills? Well, they have another guaranteed hit on their…


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