My 18 year old cat, Jinx went to the Rainbow Bridge today, to join Magic. 

Jinx was a Texas kitten. When my sister and niece moved back to NJ, this tiny black kitten came home with them. They all lived with my family for a few months until my sister found her own place, but by then...Jinx was a woods cat and was here for the rest of his life.

Jinx loved to stalk prey in the woods. I would often look out the kitchen window and watch his dark shadow try to sneak up on a squirrel, he never caught one, but he had the best time trying.

Jinx and Magic were best friends, too. He would twirl around her long legs and (we used to say) try to trip her up. When Magic left us and went to the bridge, Jinx never came into the upper part of the house again, unless everyone was asleep. His cat door was in a basement window and he would come and go into the basement, but loved to sit on the front porch and tease the new dogs but never came nose to nose with any of them.

As he got older, his forays into the deep woods came less and less, until he rarely ever left the basement. Then, I closed the cat door and brought him upstairs to an unfinished (that's another story) bathroom room where he could sit in the sunshine by the window, which is where he was when he left us this morning.

He was an independent, sweet soul and I know Magic was there to welcome him. Rest in Peace, Jinx.

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I'm so sorry for your loss Lynne.

Jink had a wonderful life with you and your family and we can say that he left this world  for a more peaceful one with Magic and all their friends waiting for us.

What a beautiful story. What a lucky cat Jinx was to come to live with you and your fur and non fur family and spend his whole life happily hunting and cavorting in the woods as nature intended. Long happy life. My sincerest condolences. I know you must miss him terribly.


Thanks, Jeannine and Paula. It hasn't really sunk in yet but it was his time. He had a good long life and I am just thankful he went in his sleep and not in the vets or doped up or in pain. He was a good cat and lived a good long life.


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