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i had a beautiful black mixed lab. she belong to my youngest son who was killed in a car accident in 2003. we had her for 5 years. she had cushing & cancer. she had gotten so sick. the day after thanksgiving of 2008 i had to make the decision to have her put to sleep. i really think she was ready to go. that morning i took her in she just went right on into the vets office & laid down on the blanket. (i always have to pull her in the door) they gave us all the time we wanted. i rubbed her as she went to sleep. i miss her everyday. she was such a good member of our family. i had her cremated. i will be putting some of ashes on my son's grave this spring & take some to the beach. she loved the beach. i have some in a necklace too that i wear. i have some pictures of her on DoodleKisses.

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Theresa, I am so sorry for both your losses. They are together now. It is so sad to lose the people (skin and fur) in our lives. We share your loss and wrap our arms around you in a huge hug.
thanks it has been hard.
thank you

I love this one! She looks like she will always be by her side. An Angel!
that is a nice picture with the sun going down a glimmering on the water. belle is hard to see because she is black.

thanks you. we have a memorial garden at church so i am thinking about taking it there. i have a bench with matthew's name on it so i will put it beside that.
That's a great idea, Theresa. I have Magic buried in my backyard and have a similar stone, an angel statue and a plaque that says, "Magic in our hearts." It is way up in the back of my yard but can be seen from any window at the back of the house. It is so comforting and feels like she is still in her yard. It helps to have a place that lets us feel closer to them.


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