I have avoided joining this group because I didn't want to think about my sweet Lola passing. Little Sloan came to our lives 2 days ago and now Lola has left it. My poor girl had a stroke at 12:15 am and couldn't see or walk straight or drink water. Ron and I sat with her all through the night and this morning took her to our vets office and she went to the Rainbow Bridge with both of us holding her. She had lived a long 15 years, 14 of which we were lucky enough to have been a part of, after adopting her from the Humane Society in Nashville, TN.  Marlow extended her life a few years by bringing canine compaionship and playfulness. She is going to be greatly missed. When we left the vets office, we saw a small squirel run across the powerline and I like to think Lola was chasing him, since that was her favorite thing to do when we lived in Nashville. She and Ron rand 4 miles everyday in the park and she loved every minute of it. Soon she will be there again, running the hills in the park. Good bye sweet girl with the velvet ears.

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Awh, Susan, I am so sorry you ever had to experience this. My heart aches for you and your family. They say things happen for a reason and with some plan that we can never know. The Universe brought Sloan, maybe because it was known that Lola would soon be leaving us. Lola will await you at The Rainbow Bridge and is now running, happy, again. My heart and hugs are with you.
aww susan what an emotional week. i agree sloan was brought to you for a reason. i hope your girl is chasing that squirrel.  i like to think they are doing what made them happiest up there. she'll be waiting for you.

I was (still do) crying without control reading this so sad news. I feel like I personally lost a dear member of my family. She died the same way she lived, with you around her showing her all the love you both have for her.

Susan, I went through the same experience and you never get use of it. Thanks to the Universe for bringing to your life, Sloan, this little bunch of joyous fur. She cannot replace but fill up a bit of Lola's loss in your heart. I'm thinking of you my friend, I love you very much and send you huge hugs.


Thank you all....we are still having a hard time with this. It will get easier with time, but we will never forget her. Lola is the reason I found out about doodles. Looking for a lesser shedding dog. Lola's hair will be with us forever......lol.
Susan, I am so sorry for your loss. 
What a heart warming photo of Lola and Marlow. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and Ron and family. So sorry. It hurts so terribly.


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