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HannaNHoney asks: I am now at WITTS END...I can not get this pup to understand the house is not her toilet...she is pooping and peeing all over...guess it will be the crate till she gets it..any suggestions...all welcome. Let's see if we can help.
Puppy training pads worked for me. I had the pups go on those and once they did, I would walk the dog and the pad to the backyard and put it on the grass and told them, go here. I would then leave the pad out there and after a couple of accidents, they got the hint.
OK,here's my question...our rescue Rosco will only poop in our yard if we run him about 10 or 12 times back & forth and usually he'll go do his thing. Sometimes this does not work an we must take him up to an open field near our home and carry the poop home!! Now recently we have been away on some camping trips & he'll go in the woods w/ no problem. I know we've only had him a little over a month but, he did go in our yard with no problem when he first And we understand that there are some weird pooping dogs out there ):
When he goes where you don't want him to go, pick it up and put it where you do what him to go. Her will get the message eventually. When he does what you want, make a big deal of it. Tamar Gellar calls it, "Throwing a party!" Give him pets, treats and make special happy noises. A couple times doing that and he will want that "party" all the time. Let us know how it goes. He will get the hint, just give him patience and time.


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