Pantano claims family being harassed by "liberal activists" over puppy ...

WWAY NewsChannel 3 - ‎Apr 7, 2011‎
WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) - Ilario Pantano claims the president of a puppy rescue group is harassing him and his family and has thrust his Goldendoodle puppies into a political battle. Jacquie Yorke, the President of the Doodle Rescue Society in New Jersey ...

Pantano claims politics playing part in puppy problems

WECT-TV6 - ‎Apr 7, 2011‎
WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Republican Congressional Hopeful Ilario Pantano says politics is playing a role in a current issue his family is having with a dog rescue organization out of New Jersey. The Pantano family recently took in two rescue puppies ...

Ex-candidate for Congress IIario Pantano does battle over pair of puppies - Patrick Gannon - ‎Apr 7, 2011‎
IIario Pantano's latest battle has nothing to do with US Rep. Mike McIntyre, but instead it focuses on two goldendoodle puppies that his boys named Jack Jack and Tullulah. Pantano, the Wilmington Republican and former Marine who plans ...

Pantano's Puppies: Radical Leftwing Haters Attack!

FavStocks - ‎Apr 7, 2011‎
By Atlas Shrugs on 04/07/2011 – 2:12 pm PDT You can't make up leftwing crazy. Check this out Jacquie York brain meltdown (assuming she had one.) This is Ilario Pantano's family. He is, by far, my favorite candidate for 2012. Number one hands down. ...

Pantano asks for prayers over puppy problem (blog) - Pat Gannon - ‎Apr 7, 2011‎
Instead, it's over two Goldendoodle puppies — part golden retriever, part poodle — that his two boys named “Jack Jack” and “Tullulah.” Pantano, who plans a second challenge to McIntyre's congressional seat in 2012, said his family adopted ...

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So so sad... It is suppose to be like that? Saving dogs IS not fighting with every person that do not agree with you. Neither threatening, harassing or filing lawsuits against people who are saving dogs themselves. Who care who got those two puppies as long as they are in good hands, witch they are, happy and loved...

I'm so happy I left this organization more than one year ago...


Date: Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 10:55 PM


It is after 9 p.m. and I believe I asked you to contact me to make arrangements before then. 

Have you considered the ramifications of negative publicity in regard to a non-profit rescue on your husband or your business?  The first review that you wrote will not hold much significance to anyone if it is found out locally that you have tried to “doop” a rescue when record numbers of dogs are being euthanized daily. 

Since we have all the emails that were exchanged between you and DRC Board members/volunteers, it will be very clear that you volunteered to do one thing and are doing another.

I am very sorry that you have made this decision and that your husband and business may suffer needlessly because of your choices concerning this puppy that will easily be considered, for lack of better words, “DRC property”, because you entered into a verbal contract with a corporation (Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc.-incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania, holder of a 501c3). (huh?)

Please be aware that your actions will also be presented to Doodle Kisses, Rescue Collective (huh?), and any other organization involving rescue or animal welfare as we find that you are a member. 

If you receive any correspondence from TF, please know that anything that you say that can be construed as slander will be dealt with appropriately.  I, nor any DRC member/volunteer, have made any disparaging remarks toward this breeder and have only stated that you had bought at least one, if not both, of your current goldendoodles from them.


KK, DRC TX Regional Director

Sent: Wed, March 24, 2010 6:43:59 AM


This has been on my mind to write you back and I really wanted to get all my ducks in a row before I did.  However, I can't seem to get it in the correct outline in my head enough to get it on paper, so I have been been putting this off.  I feel I am between a rock and a hard spot on how to let you know why I left.
I am not the type to defame another's character and that is mostly why I felt it was best that I leave.  Without intentionally trying to harm K's reputation with the organization, as I know she is an important cog here in NC, I will try to state my case.
I feel that I did everything that I was told to do.  I mean, how is one suppose to know what they don't know???  I followed the directions exactly.  
When K told me to make sure the vet checks for heartworm, I made sure he knew that is what she wanted.  Well, how was I suppose to know that she meant checks the forms??Heck, I could have done that!
When K told to to rate the dog's behavior so that JY could post him, I did.  She came back later and got on me because a family didn't really want to housebreak him.  Well, that is one of the first emails I wrote her...I told her he wasn't so good there!
When she asked me for the vet papers, I sent them straight-away!  Then she got on me because an adoption didn't work out because he was too small.  Well, it was right there on his papers as well as in one of the first emails that I sent her.
When I told her that he needed to get his ears cleaned out, she told me that she would just put the CC on file at the vet and to just get the ears taken care of.  Well, it is procedures at my vet office to knock the dog out to clean out the ears.  Besides, he was very bad off.  Then, she later got on me because the vet bill was too high and I needed to do better on that.  I only did what she told me to do.  How is one to know what they don't know???
Where I finally broke though was when she decided that she needed to do all the talking to the adopters for me.  I felt as if I was being treated like some incompetent boob.  She even made a comment in one email to the effect of just getting rid of the if it were a simple task and taking a jab as if wondering if I could do that right....
I sat here and cried for several hours that night and my husband and I decided that this didn't feel good enough to do.  I can rank this in my top ten humiliations.  I spent 21 years in the military and I wouldn't have done that so well if I were the incompetent boob that K made me out to be in this organization.  JY thinks I am an idiot, or at least that I how I think because K said, "JY said......"  I am only guessing that it must be true all the words back and forth between the two of them.  
I have talked to JY a lot in the past and I felt she was off-limits to me.  
This entire situation was so negative for me and I thought that I should have a pretty good feeling about what happened.  I was in this for the love of saving the dog.  I really felt like a money-making venture after working with K.  It was all about the money....
Nevertheless, she threw me under the bus and didn't take responsibility for her part in guiding the new folks.  My son and I were so excited about all of this.  I assured him that he could do what he wanted and I would be happy to help him, but I didn't want to have to deal with K.  However, he didn't like how dumb he felt either....or the fact that I got my feelings hurt.....and how dumb I was being talked around in the emails.
So I know that didn't seem like a thumbnail sketch, but it really was.  I was going to pull quotes out of all the emails, etc....but I didn't really think I needed to do that.  
Talk to you later,

Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2010 16:50:29

Hi A,
> > > 
> > > I hope you have completed your move and things are going well for you. I know you saw the blowout on DK yesterday, bu I can tell you from first hand experience that JY is not a very nice person. I was accused of abusing a foster and anyone that knows me knows that could never happen. She spread the story around to many people and I left the DRC. After many hateful phone calls, I told her to have the dog picked up from my house and to never call me again. Now all I do is post listings in the SE for RRC. I will not foster, take money from people or have the problems that DRC is having. We are just spreading the word about poo-mixes that need homes! We are a good group and if you would like to help, we would love to have you. (Another rescue) has said they will not work with DRC anymore and they are getting a bad rep on all the other rescues. 
> > > If I can help, let me know!
> > > 
> > > Hugs,
> > > S

Aug 12, 2010

L, I have not commented because I have always felt that you cared more about the dogs then any other thing in this world. I know for a fact, and being one of Ms. Y's victims I feel I can tell you from direct experience of over a year of working with her and getting stabbed in the back and accused of things I DID NOT DO, that she is a scheming, back-stabbing liar and thief. But I cannot tell you what to do. I have always tried to be respectful of you and what you needed to do, and I always will but I could give a flying-fig what SHE thinks or does anymore. K seems to be a caring and educated, if not trying to educate herself more, person. You need to search YOUR conscience and think about whether or not you NEED J or she NEEDS you! If you need to advertise your dogs, I will always allow that but I will never support HER, again.

I have proven that I am not going anywhere. In fact, I am committed to seeing RRC and becomes what SHE could never do because she needs to have control over everything. WE are a collective and always will be. Hitler went down in a ball of flames...and many, many, MANY people are starting to see who she really is. DRC can demand many things, IGNORE is my new motto as I am still waiting for all the many lawsuits I have been threatened with since I resigned and kicked them off MY website. 
You and many other rescuers are welcome to advertise your dogs as long as things stay on the up and up. The RRC and will be everything SHE will never have. I will respect your decisions to stay with her or leave her in the dust. Just don't hurt K publicly, please. I will not have public put downs on the site...that was HER way, not mine.


I would love to meet JY in person. We'd be in a different kind of court. I said something like please remove me from your email list. I recently had a lawsuit against JY because she refused to return my adoption fee after I returned a dog that wasn't right for my family. JY threatened, insulted and embarassed me terribly. Lynne stepped in to clean up her mess, which is why I dropped the lawsuit. But I do not want to be associated with any group who has someone as nasty and unprofessional as her working with them, that's not to say all are that way because Lynne certainly wasnt. I didnt want them to know I knew what happened because JY would have said you put me up to the email. I REALLY want to meet her sooooo bad. RP

How many more will be hurt and humiliate before somebody stop her, them...

Also, I'm so disappoint in K who I had admiration and respect for before, not anymore sadly.

This "organization" (as you can see I do not call them rescue because they are not) should be shut down by law. Enough is enough.

There's more, I just have to find it all.

My ex-partner finally replies to the allegations. Does anyone here believe her? Probably not. We have all been through her version of a story, before.

We all know how she turn the truth in her favour... by lying and changing all the facts... So who would believe a person  (!HUM!!) like that.


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