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The most desirable place for your dog is with you. Dogs get attached to their family and really don't care if they have to live in a cardboard box with you, they only want love. Rehoming can be difficult on a dog, especially one that is bonded to his family. That said, we understand there may be times when rehome may be necessary and we want to help. But keep in mind, that we firmly believe there may be ways to help you keep your dog(s) and if we can help achieve that, please let us know.

If you still feel you must rehome, our REHOME SERVICE helps to keep family dogs off Craigslist and "Free to a Good Home" ads and hopefully, out of shelters. Those methods can lead to disaster for pets. Our Rehome Service is free to rehomers and dogs are advertised to people specifically looking to adopt poodles, doodles and poodle-mix dogs. All applications are forwarded to the Families who have the dogs and with assistance, references are checked, home checks are done and dogs are placed in homes according to their needs. We can aid with vetting if needed to ensure healthy, happy dogs are rehomed. 

PLEASE, do not list your dog on Craigslist, Kiijji or the other such listing sites. It can mean DEATH or worse, to your dog.


The way our Rehome Service works is, the rehoming family provides information on the application below, including temperament of the dog(s), vetting and what they consider the perfect Forever Home. We then list the dog to people specifically looking to adopt a dog like yours, here on our website and on other listing services.


Applications that come in, that match the criteria and needs of the dog(s), are then forwarded to the Rehoming Family and if they like any of them, the applicant is called and interviewed, references are checked and a meeting is scheduled. A Rehome Fee is always asked as "Free" dogs are not safe and if someone cannot afford an adoption fee, how are they to afford the dog? 


Our main goal is to keep the dogs in the situation they are most comfortable in until a home is found. That way the dog will experience the least amount of turmoil. We  work with the rehoming families and in many cases the family will decide to keep the dog and make it work, in many cases the perfect home is found and in a few instances, the dog has been returned as it did not work out. In general, however, this is a safer way to rehome, it creates less stress for the family and the dog and has been a success since we began this service in 2010.


PLEASE NOTE: BE WARY if you are contacted by a rescue group calling themselves DRC or Doodle Rescue Collective. They will make false claims and misrepresentations. They will make you surrender your dog to them and they will transport your dog far from your area to far away fosters or adopters. They will also ask over $400 for your dog with claims only they have approved adopters and are in the best position to find a home for your dog. They will also perpetuate lies about our rescue which are completely untrue and proof is available upon asking.

**Your donations help to keep this service free.


... to help us save more.

501(c)(3) Tax Deductible


Oodles of Doodles Rescue Collective does not charge for this service but will appreciate a donation to enable us to continue to help rehomers and adopters connect. We are doing this as a courtesy but your donation, from the adoption enable us to continue to offer this as a Free Service.



If you are having difficulties with the linked form below, you can copy and paste the app following in an email, complete and send to:

Please read ALL 

Terms and Conditions 

before applying to rehome your dog.


** If you contact any other rescue groups who will also be listing your dog, we ask that you let us know, so we don't overlap services.

NOTE: If you are contacted by another rescue with a similar name as ours, claiming we are not a "real" rescue or are not doing this with true motives, please be wary. Our Rehome Service is free and all we ask is a donation upon adoption. We will not try to take your dog or make false claims. We will work with you and do our very best for you, your family and your dog(s).


** Oodles of Doodles Rescue Collective is not responsible for choosing adopters, checking references or making final decisions as to where the dogs go. We do ask that you charge some rehome fee as Free to Good homes ads usually do not bring out the best people. We ask that you check references and do a home visit, if possible.


** If you cannot keep the dog with you until a home is found, we may be able to take him or her into our rescue program provided a foster home is available or recommend another rescue. We will be happy to discuss this with you privately. 


** If you have a question or concerns, please send a message to: or fill out the Rehome Application. 


If you have difficulty with the Form Link this is the information we need to Write the Listing:(Please copy and paste into the body of the email), fill out all questions and send to:

Your Full Name, address, zip code and contact numbers:

Where the dog(s) are located and if you would be willing to adopt to those in other regions, put on ground or air transport (this would be at adopter expense):

Name(s), age(s) and temperament of the dog(s): (good or bad with children, cats, on leash walking, housetraining info, does he/she shed, is he/she high or low energy, need a fenced yard, and any other info that would help others know the dog(s)):

Info on Vetting: (spayed/neutered, up to date on shots, medical condition):

Reason(s) for rehome (please be honest so we can better match the dog(s)):

Any other background information you can share about the dog(s), like dogs favorite thing to do (ex. likes to chase ball, loves belly rubs, a real snuggler):
Name(s) of any other rescue or listing groups your dog is listed with to help you rehome (including Craigslist, local shelter and other rescues). Please tell us if you sign up with another listing service or rescue, so we do not overlap services:

** We will need a picture(s) of the dog(s). We prefer one full shot and one full face shot to give the adopters an idea of the dog(s).


Oodles of Doodles, Inc. is a Federally Recognized 501(c)(3) Organization and your donation is tax deductible. We are NOT affiliated with The Doodle Rescue Collective.







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