Simple Ways to Help a Dog
Ways to Help a Dog
Even if you’re not in a position to adopt a dog, there are many different ways you can help a dog in need. All efforts count — the important thing is to get involved! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Add to this list! Get creative--what are other ways you can help?

Donate items to your local dog rescue or shelter

Blankets to use as dog beds
New/used leashes, collars, dog toys, crates, training equipment, baby gates, x-pens
Dog food and treats
Cleaning supplies

Donate money to your local dog rescue or shelter

$50 can help spay or neuter a dog
Planned giving—leave money to your favorite pet charity in your will.
Fundraise for a specific shelter by setting up an online fundraising page! (

Offer Your Professional Services

If you’re a trainer, donate time to help with obedience training.
If you’re a vet, give a discount for your services for rescued animals.
If you’re a groomer, donate your services to dogs awaiting adoption.
If you’re an event planner, help dog rescue organizations with event coordination and outreach.
If you raise livestock, provide access to your flock to train herding dogs!

Volunteer your time

Foster a dog — find out what it takes
Volunteer to transport dogs — to events, to prospective homes, etc.
Post flyers for dogs awaiting adoption
Forward emails to your network of family, friends and colleagues
Volunteer at or attend adoption days and events
Help bathe dogs for adoption days
Spread the word about dog rescue and pet overpopulation
Walk a dog at the shelter
Call an animal shelter or rescue — ask at your local shelter how you can help

Take action

Suspect a dog is being neglected or abused? Report it!

Animal Legal and Historical Center
Animal Cruelty
Animal Fighting/Dogfighting
Dog Laws for All Fifty States

Sponsor a Dog

Contact a shelter to learn about dogs in need
Choose a dog to help and learn that dog's story
Set up a personal fundraising page for that dog using
Send that page to all your friends and ask them to keep forwarding
With a little help from your friends you can help pay for an expensive surgery that might not have taken place without your efforts
Repeat the process!

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