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His DIN Pic did not do him justice, he's beautiful! Congratulations, Susan and Ron in Arizona.
He is doing wonderfully! I gave him a bath so he is lighter in color! You should have seen the bath water! He has a tennis ball in his mouth constantly, which I must say is better than a shoe or something he is not supposed to have! Hopefully I can get him into the groomer's next week and then take some more pictures. I was extremely lucky to get such a wonderful doodle, and this has been a great start to April for us!

Here is Marlow after I trimmed a little so you can see his eyes......he took Lola's toy and destroyed the rope on the end and carries the rubber purple heart around in his mouth (or the tennis ball).
Susan, he's beautiful! You see, I told you that when it is supposed to be it will be. And just IS! I am so happy for you, both.
I'll tell you what I told Susan awhile ago: When it is supposed to be it will be! The Universe is listening and it will happen.
Just be patient....that is what they all told me, and it DID happen! You will find the perfect dog!
Thank you! He is a good looking Dood, if I do say so myself!:) You did tell me, Lynne and I am so glad I found Marlow! He is such a loving doodle! The neighbor that facilitated the adoption said her nickname for him was "The happiest dog in the world!" even when tied to the tree he was always in a good mood.
I know how you feel! I was on here for months before I found Marlow!

I was even a member of the "Wanna-be" Doodle owners group at Doodlekisses and active on both sites, but didn't have a Doodle...till it was meant to be! You have a big heart and will find a Doodle to share it with along with beautiful Gamine.
That's because he knew you were coming for him!
Today I finally received Marlow's shot record from the former owner. He isn't 2 years old as we were told. He was born on Oct. 29, 2005. My husband said he has no excuse! Can't use the "terrible twos" excuse now! I am glad to finally get the shot record though, so I can take him to the groomer, etc. The bond between he and Lola is growing stronger everyday. They are so funny!
Wow, talk about fudging a little. I am glad things are working out for all of you. Lola needed a playmate and he needed all of you. I told you when it was right, it would happen.
Thank you all! He is loved and happy with his pal, Lola, as you can see from the new pictures I posted! I don't care how old he is...I helped him escape from being tied to the tree and now he has a happy life!


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