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I just wanted to thank everyone on this website for introducing us to Bosley. We adopted him this weekend, and he is doing soooo well in his new home. He is such a loving boy and he is very well behaved. In fact, he has only barked once when he saw his reflection in a full-length mirror! He loves people and other dogs and he is so friendly. He did need to be shaved because his coat was very matted, so he looks a little naked right now, but we still think he is so handsome! Thanks again for helping Bosley find a home!


The BOS has arrived!!!!!! Listen up, world!!!

BOSLEY here, folks!! Now, don't everyone cheer at once. I will be chosen by one perfect family (hope it's yours!) and we can all go home RIGHT NOW 'cuz I have ALREADY BEEN NEUTERED. Oh, I'm also current with my shots, too - that's pretty important. But read on for more info on my wonderfulness..........

Got a squeaky toy? WOW, I LOVE those and will even sit so nice when I hear one. Bet I can learn other cute tricks, too, so the lucky family that 'dopts me should be ready to give me lots of attention, lots of exercise and consistency when we're training me. You see, I can be a little, um, vocal at times and I guess that's not too cool. But, I just know if I get the right family, I can learn to keep my busy barker under control.

Got kids? Wow, that's sure sounds like fun to me, but, because I still have lots of energy, they should be 10 or above, just so they can keep up with me when we play, or go for walks, or when it's time to learn some new behaviors.

You should also know that I LOVE to go for rides in the car and it would be good if I had my own seatbelt - hey, everyone else has to wear one, why not me??????

I am fully grown and weigh about 20 pounds. Being out of doors is OK for car rides, play time and walks, but I'm really a house guy. I should have my own crate to help me polish up my house manners, and should have lots of toys to play with and chew on, if I get in the mood. A high-quality diet, grooming and folks to pay attention to me - WOW, would that be great, or what???? Be sure and talk with my adoption counselor about enrolling me in a training or obedience class - would really help us all to get to know each other better - and also about having me microchipped - it's a good, good thing to do to be sure we can be reunited if we ever get separated! But first, won't you come down to meet me really soon? I just so want my own family.....

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What a difference a haircut and some love makes! Horray for Bosley and his new Forever Family.
Hi everyone! We have had Bosley for about 2 months now, so I thought I would send a little update. Boz is doing great in his new home, and has adjusted with virtually no problems. He LOVES to go for long walks or runs and car rides. He is not as crazy about being in his crate, but he does settle down after a minute or so. We tried to keep him gated in the kitchen, but he took one look at the baby gate and hopped right over, so that idea is out! His hair is growing out now and he is very soft and fuzzy, like a little lamb. Everyday we talk about how happy we are to have found Bosley- we feel very lucky!
Congratulations! I remember seeing his picture and thinking what a cute dog! I'm glad you were lucky enough to adopt Bosley and he was lucky enough to get you as his family!


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