I have emailed IDOG about this girl. She is desperately in need help. The shelter is the absolutely WORST place for a momma to give birth!

ID 24972

Black female mix, aprox 1 year old, around knee high, super friendly and affectionate! These photos were taken yesterday, she is just starting to get her milk in and is HUGE around the middle. Does anyone have room for her and her impending family? She is doing just fine with the other dogs in her run and absolutely loves people. If you can rescue this sweetheart, please contact Jamie Martinez, the adoption/rescue coordinator at Dekalb ASAP!

Jamie Martinez
Animal Adoption/Rescue Coordinator
DeKalb Animal Services and Enforcement
845 Camp Road
Decatur, Georgia 30032
main: (404) 294-2996
direct: (404) 294-2165
fax: (404) 294-2947

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How sad, this poor girl. We have virtually no assets in GA. Our one foster is FULL house. I hope someone can step up with help.
If anyone anywhere can step up and help, I'm willing to help get transport to you. There are often transports going from GA to the east coast and north. Please, please, can't anyone make room for this girl. Her time to deliver is short.
Hey guys I would take her but I don't have any experiance in giving birth with the pups?? I don't know If I can help, When is she due??
I saw a dog give birth but was not involved physically in it.. Can she get to Toms River NJ??
Thanks Liz, lets keep trying. PA is about as far as NJ. Maybe someone closer will come in.
Thanks Nicole, it's an option. I can always help, I'm about 20 min from you.
That would be more preferable! Poor girl. I can even take them after she births. The trouble is getting them somewhere safe to be born and then here! I wonder if Heather is available in NC??? Maybe she'll come in.
Dear Doodle Rescue;
I live way up in Davenport, Iowa, a thousand miles from your pregant girl. It would seem to me that there would be someone in her state of Georgia, that could take good care of her. There are many fine people in that state, with far better basements than what I have.

Thanks; Ms. Cheryl Draeger
Davenport, IA.
I'm glad that someone lives by this lovely dog, and can take her in.
If a doodle needs help in eastern Iowa, I can help.
Thanks, Miss Draeger, we just sent out a mass email to all members of The DRRC to hopefully find someone to help. We are very short of resources in Georgia and many shelters there are kill shelters. Thank You for your reply and your confidence in us.
OMG, Liz, you are a miracle worker AND a Rescue Angel! Keep us informed, April will be ecstatic.
I think April said she was not from Petfinder but another listing. We will have to wait until she gets back. She was away from her computer for a few hours.


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