Due to declining health, I need to find a place for  a few of the doodles here.  Baxter is a handsome, big black Labradoodle, 5 yrs old.  He was given to me by his owner after biting a child in the face.  Baxter is a great dog--it was truly not his fault.  He was being walked by his 6 year old family member, and an 8 yr old child ran up towards them.  Baxter was on a leash and was simply defending his "person".  If the person running up to them had been a "Predator", Baxter would have been considered a hero, but as it was, his family was sued, and they had to give Baxter up.  He is a great dog. Dominant temperament but wonderful with a firm, kind leader.  Loves to retrieve.  Knows "Sit, stay, shake". Good with the other dogs, especially females.   About 65 lbs.


Mercedes is a soon to be 2 yr old, black Labradoodle from a Lab/Miniature Poodle cross.  She is very sweet and gets along great with male dogs, but challenges Bubbles. Mercedes is a submissive "smiler", yet was returned from an adopter when she began jumping on the bed and growling when he approached his wife.  The adopter did not ever "correct" her, and Mercedes started running the household.  Mercedes is very well behaved with me, and just needs an intelligent, firm, but kind person.  She weighs around 40 lbs.


Bubbles is a 20 month old Goldendoodle with an ectopic ureter.  She had 2 surgeries, but neither were successful.  Bubbles is on cipro (antibiotic) once a day, Proin twice a day, and DES (estrogen) once a week (more often than that and she becomes a "bitch" :-).  Bubbles gets along great with male dogs, but is a dominant female.  Either she or Mercedes has to go. Keeping them apart is a problem, and I am moving soon.  Bubbles weighs about 48 lbs.  She is great with people and male dogs.  Bubbles will need to remain on all the medications for life. The Cipro is only $10 a month, and the Proin is $30 for 3 months if ordered from KV Vet Supply.


Brock is a yellow Labradoodle. He is 4 years old, and  weighs about 45 lbs.  He was returned to me after attacking a child on a bike (anything with wheels appeared to "set him off").  Good with the other dogs. Great with me, but not the type dog that can be in social situations.  I am resigned to having Brock for life (or at least as long as I can physically take care of him).


After having rescued over 750 dogs, I now need your help.  My body is breaking down, and the pain is difficult to manage. I have a number of dogs who are unadoptable and with terminal health problems (there are six here with seizures caused by vaccines). The ones who can go to a home or rescue need to move ASAP, because I don't know how long my body will hold up.   If you can take any of these dogs, please email me at rescuerehab@earthlink.net.

The photos (in order) are of Baxter, Bubbles, and Mercedes. Please email if you are interested in photos of Brock.

All of them are vetted. 
Thanks for your time.

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HI there, where are you located? I would be interested in taking one of them. I am located in Tampa, FL
Hi Mollie,
Thanks for writing.
I am in Colorado.
Kris, I am so sorry for your failing health. I remember the Bubbles story from when we were just starting out. I have thought of you and her, often. I hope we will be able to help. Thank You for your many years and dedication to rescue. Sending hugs, Lynne
Thank you for your kind words. The spirit is willing but the body is wrecked. In addition to spinal problems, my shoulders are starting to deteriorate as well. It is interesting to discover how many daily activities require the use of the shoulder LOL.
I will continue to help in rescue by posting dogs in need for shelters and private individuals, as well as focus on legislation for breeding and education. If each breeder had to pay a "litter fee" of $1500-$2000 to animal control for their county, it would stop the 99% of breeders who are breeding for money because it would cut out a large percentage of the profit. Too many dogs being bred and way too few "good" homes. Breeders have said to me, "Why should I breed and not make money? " We rescuers are not making money, rather, we are paying to take care of dogs that breeders have proffitted from, and our hearts are broken numerous times daily in the process.
Thanks for all you do.
Our hearts break for many reasons. There was a time I thought we could change the world but we can't. People don't always show their true face. We can only hold our heads up and know we did the best we could and others, be damned. Karma will take care of it's own. We make our own peace, knowing we did what we did. Thanks, again, for all you have done. Give Bubbles a kiss from me.
Oh my goodness Kris, they are all so beautiful. I'm in Texas and too far away to help but I'm hopeful you'll find them perfect homes. Please keep us posted.


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