I just wanted to post a few facts about using the PetFinder search options for locating Doodles and what I have discovered.

Number 1- PetFinder actually lists "Cock-a-poo" as one of it's breeds yet Labradoodle or Golden Doodle is not a breed search option( we'll have to petition PetFinder to add a "Doodle" breed catagory)..So when searching for Doodles on PetFinder, we all of course look under the following:

Standard Poodle
Labrador Retriever
Golden Retriever

Many shelters and rescues especially those that are located in more rural areas where shelter techs are perhaps not so familiar with Doodles will list what are obviously Doodles as being "other" breed mixes..The mixed coat textures, colors and types of Doodles can be confusing to an unfamiliar shelter or rescue...Especially the Parti's, Mini's and Phantoms... Mini's being one of the most unrecognizable and usually are classified as Cock-a-poos, Bichon mixes, Tibetan Terriers, Löwchen, Portuguese Water Dog or Spanial mixes. You'd think a long tail would be an indication...but not always the case...

I've seen Parti's and Phantoms listed as Bearded Collie mixes, Briard mixes and even Airedale Terrier mixes ( the ears on these dog breeds are set much higher than on a Doodle )....I've seen Standard Doodles especially those that are Black listed as Standard Schnauzer mixes, Black Russian Terrier mixes, Irish Wolfhound mixes and Bouvier des Flanders mixes.

While with rescue dogs there is of course no gaurantee of lineage,one who is familiar with the Doodle characteristics can surley spot one...I have actually called some of these shelters and rescues and pointed out to them that they may have mis-classified a dog suggesting they re-classify as a Doodle...I explain that by doing this they also increase that dogs chances of being adopted....I'm happy to report that they actually do this 90 percent of the time!....I also let Shannon and Jo at IDOG/ Poo Mix Rescue know if I come across any mis- classified Doodles and if they agree with me, they post these dogs on their site....

But if you are looking for a rescue Doodle, I strongly encourage you to search through other shaggy breeds..... For example, I have actually looked under the following breeds and found Doodles:

For Mini's and Mediums:

Bearded Collie
Bichon Frise
Tibetan Terrier
Portuguese Water Dog
Wheaten Terrier
Wirehaired Terrier

For Standards:

Afghan Hound
Airedale Terrier
Bearded Collie
Black Russian Terrier
Bouvier des Flanders
Giant Schnauzer
Irish Terrier
Irish Wolfhound
Old English Sheepdog
Portuguese Water Dog
Sheep Dog
Wheaten Terrier
German Wirehaired Pointer
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Of course, be sure to check out IDOG/ Poo Mix Rescue and The Doodle Zoo Forum as well as they also post shelter, rescue and rehome Doodles...Good Luck in your Doodle search!

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I noticed this in the last week or so that we've committed ourselves to getting a doodle. I hope I can score a black one.


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