The DRC does not support the advertising of doodles (or any dogs) for sale by their owners as a way to rehome the dogs. This includes ads on Craig's List, Lycos, and posts in doodle forums.

The problems with rehoming a dog by advertising for sale are many:
1. There are many unsavory people who scan these ads looking for inexpensive dogs to use in training pitbulls, sell to research labs, or use for breeding purposes. There are even people who have committed unspeakable acts against adopted dogs for "the fun of it."
2. If the dog was purchased from a breeder or adopted from a rescue, the owner may be legally obligated to return the dog according to his purchase/adoption agreement.
3. Individuals do not have the systems in place to screen potential homes or check references in the same way an experienced rescue group does. An experienced rescue worker knows how to verify that the dog is getting a secure and responsible home.
4. There are legal issues involved in selling a dog; rescue groups and shelters also have systems in place to protect all parties involved from legal entanglements. If you sell your dog, you are legally responsible for damages that may arise.

So what should you do if you run across a doodle owner who is trying to "sell" his dog?
In a discussion forum, you can briefly mention the above points, and post a link to the DRC , and also give your own contact information if you are comfortable doing so. You can also contact Jacquie or email a copy of the post to any of the DRC administrators.

In a Craig's list situation, you can contact the poster with the same information, or you can email a link to the ad to a DRC administrator.

Our policy is that we do not reproduce these ads here in our forum; we do not want to be a clearing house for people looking to sell their doodles. We are very happy to assist any doodle owner who wants to rehome their dog through the DRC. This policy is for the welfare of the dogs and the potential adopters.

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