What a cutie! Look at the top of his lab-like ear, descending into doodly adorableness!

I saw him on Petfinder the other night, and I've seen him cross-posted since (maybe here?).

He is at the Buddy Humane Society, given up by his owners because he is "too big for the apartment." (Having taken in two dogs given up by their owners when they ceased being adorable little puppies, I already know the answer to this question.... but do people really think their pups will never get big?! It's one thing if it's a chihuahua, but a labradoodle? Really? You were surprised he got big? *sigh*)

The staff there told me he was raised in a home with a teenager and he is a big love, around 85 lbs. Unfortunately, he is not good with cats, which means he would not be a fit for my pack.

Here's hoping he's the perfect dog for another family looking for a rehome / rescue!

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You're not long-winded at all, Adrianne. I totally get it. My other rescue was a dalmatian, back in the 101 Dalmatians remake days. We got him when he was 4 1/2 months old. He was a teenaged impulse buy (no doubt from a puppy store in a mall) and he ended up in the shelter because he was at that pain-in-the-___ phase in life. Truth be told, he never really outgrew that phase :). But he was a GREAT dog, nonetheless.

While I'd love to be able to paint a happy picture and say "Someone else's loss is my gain," there's far too much canine suffering involved for me to be quite so rosy about it.

So, sing it, sister!
Following up to note that Rehobeth was adopted. Yay!


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