Hi! I am thrilled to see Esther and Paulie promoted here. They look like wonderful pups and I'd love to see them get good homes! I had been in touch with Gunndogs and put in an application. Will the DRC be assisting Gunndogs with the adoption process?

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We do work with Gunn Dogs and other rescues/shelters as much as possible. Our main goal has always been the best interest of the dogs. If you have sent in an application to Elizabeth, I am sure you will be hearing from her if your application is approved. With the holidays now over, we are back to work.
Thanks so much for the reply!
You're welcome. Good Luck in your Doodle Search. When it's right...it will happen.
Thanks, Lynne. I know you're right :) It was a long search to find my Talullah, but she was truly worth the wait.

I'm not the first member of a prospective adopting family to say this... the search can be a little frustrating, to say the least!
I know it can be frustrating. Go to the members page and search for Liz Syring. She's our New England Director based out of CT. Leave a note on her page and make contact. She's doing great job up there in your area and many times arranges transports up here from the South. Befriend her. She's your best bet.

You also need to go through the listings and put in apps in as many places as possible. Many shelters will keep approved apps on file for the next available dog. Send in one of our apps, too. All the info you need is on your page in my Welcome Message. Let me know if you need help. Click on my icon pic anywhere on the site and you will go right to my page. We are here for people if you need help. Any of the Admins or Directors can help you. Clicking on icon pics takes you to their page. You can also start a discussion in the Main Forum and others will jump in too, to answer. Again, Good Luck in your search and remember we're here to help.
Thanks so much for the great advice, Lynne!

I sent an app to DRC in mid-December, not for a specific doodle but instead as a general application to have on file for if / when the right dog becomes available. If I should re-submit it, please say the word! I sent it to doodlerescuecollective@yahoo.com.

I'm workin' it with apps into other rescues, too.

And I will absolutely contact Liz! I appreciate your help and advice, Lynne. Thank you for your kindness!

Anytime! I'd send in another.


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