Charley's owner is giving him up for health reasons and would like him to go to a wonderful home as woon as possible. If someone can help foster or would like a cute pup for their family, please let me know. He loves kids! Crate trained, housebroken, etc., Let's find someone to adopt Charley and give him a great home.

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Ah yes,,,,I actually DID see Pearl! I'm afraid the background and needs would be a bit much for us. There was one little cutie-pie that called out to me, but at only 13 lbs that's too small for my husband's tastes. Casey was a solid 85 lbs when she was at her prime. Although I know we could never replace her (and believe me, even she was a bit too fiesty for me at times!) we'd like to set our sights on a more mid-size dog, ideally 35-50 lbs. We're in no rush so will continue to follow your advice and keep our eyes open. My husband would be fine to wait for grandchildren to fill the need !! but we'd both gladly welcome a dog back into our home - to that end, we're looking forward to babysitting Murphy, our neighbor's rescue Golden Retriever (who didn't have what it took to be a show dog when he was put up for adoption at age 21 mos) who will be here for a week in February.
Glad you're enjoying the Sunshine State!


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