Charley's owner is giving him up for health reasons and would like him to go to a wonderful home as woon as possible. If someone can help foster or would like a cute pup for their family, please let me know. He loves kids! Crate trained, housebroken, etc., Let's find someone to adopt Charley and give him a great home.

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I crossposted to Doodle World and Facebook.
I sent this on to my sister in Tucson in hopes that she might foster.
Thank you, Erin!
i live in Tucson and could foster or perhaps adopt this pup. please respond and give me more information. thanks, shannon
Shannon, I just sent you an email with our Adoption App attached. Thanks.
Hey! Looks like my sister in Tucson is going to foster Charley! Yay!
Ahhh, I wasn't sure she was your sister! Great news! Thanks for passing on the info!
Yep! She has a friend with a goldendoodle puppy and she just met our rescued labradoodle, Chennie last week on her visit here, so I think we gave her the "doodle-bug"! I hope it works out that she can adopt him but she'll be a great foster mom too. So exciting! It's great when these things work out.
Hi....I'm a new comer to this site, and relatively new (3 years) to AZ. The best day after our move here from NJ was when our beloved Lab Casey arrived via van transport....she lived a wonderful life up until this past Sept. when we had to put her down due to various health issues at the ripe old age of 14 1/2. My heart aches for her loss and now ready, able, willing and anxious to get a new dog - not too little of a puppy but would consider ANYTHING available (good health/dispostion a requirement, though) here in AZ.
Is that a reasonable expectation????
Appreciate honesty, please!
Susan in Scottsdale
Hi Susan, I am so sorry for the loss of Casey. I have a Dalmatian that just turned 14 and dread the day that she goes. There is hope of finding a dog in AZ, although they are not as readily available as in some of the other states. Start searching this site daily and put in applications with the local humane societies as a few do filter through there. If you have an application on file and they know what you want they will call you if a dog becomes available. PetFinder is a great resource under the classified ad section. I have seen a few posted there as well. It looks as if there is one posting on PetFinder for a labradoodle in Phoenix. I wish you luck and a little patience and you will find a doodle here!
Susan (formerly of Scottsdale, now in FL)
hi Susan D...and thank you so much for your condolences as well as supportive leads. I looked in, plugged in labradoodle under arizona but didn't come up with anything. I saw a beautiful American Husky but my husband thinks that's a poor choice for AZ (even tho the dog is now in Ft. Huachuca). If you could provide a link to the one you mentioned, that would be much appreciated.
I was just in FL last week!
Susan P.
Hi Susan,
Here is the link to the dog listed currently in AZ on PetFinder....
It is a female named Pearl. She is also listed on the DRC Adoptable Doodles page under the Western and Mountain region...last dog on the page.
We just moved to FL in December. I like it so far!



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