Dodger is a gorgeous, tall, lanky Labradoodle. He came to Oodles as a Rehome from Brooklyn, NYC. Poor guy was starved, thin and scared of his own shadow. 

We were told his family no longer had time for 

him and he was spending 14-18 hours a day in

a crate.

We soon learned that he had very high

energy, probably from spending his

puppyhood in a crate, and had no training

or house manners. He started training and

showed his teeth and snapped at the 

behaviorist, to the point they recommended

he be put down and not be adopted out.

Dodger also had an issue with peeing on himself

when urinating. Our vet could not find anything 

wrong, except that he did not raise his leg high 


After years of training and re-directing

techniques, Dodger is a sweet and funny boy. He

still urinates on himself, and we have gone through many groomers, who quit rather than deal 

with him, but he is doing 100% better than he was.

Dodger will remain a permanent resident of our camp because of his "issues" and is a perfect

example of why puppies need to be socialized and properly trained and given time, patience and

the love they need to become mannered adults.


Our sanctuary is a place of refuge for these unadoptable dogs. Because they were let down by humans in the past, they are not very trusting. At the sanctuary, they are given behavioral therapy or other treatments that give them a sense of safety. They are unavailable for adoption and will spend their lives running around an acre yard, chasing squirrels or lazing in the sun.

You can help by providing a monthly donation of just $20, which will help feed, provide medical care and love these broken souls. Please consider a donation, today.


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