On March 29, individuals from across North America are lobbying for a cause they truly believe in. The Million Doodle March, organized by Bocker the Labradoodle (www.bocker.tv) and Matilda First Dog (www.toonecards.com), as a way for doodle owners to have their voices heard on a question yet to be answered but often in heated debate (What type of dog will be the First Dog?), has turned into an international day of fundraising, a “dog a thon”…A walk for a cause to benefit organizations in need.

Following through with President Obama’s request for a day of service, walks are being organized to benefit organizations such as Autism Connection, National Service Dogs (Canada), The Humane Society, and hundreds of local shelters and charities. On March 29th throughout the United States, Canada and England, participants don’t even have to leave their home towns to take part in this international day of fundraising and awareness.

The Doodle owners feel strongly that labradoodles, being bred for their temperament and hypoallergenic nature, are the unique dog who can act as a role model for the country. These dogs are often companions for children with autism, helping individuals foster a special bond. We felt we had to step up and do something. We wanted this Million Doodle March to include all worthy causes and to focus on being a day set aside to do something good for those in need.

Million Doodle March is in YOUR HOME TOWN. Remember, you don't need a dog to march & there are no miles or kilometres to count. March for as long or as little as you like. Get a sponsor and you decide who you’re marching for. Tell your friends, family, schools, church’s all about the Million Doodle March and help Bocker and Matilda make a difference.

Million Doodle March information: http://www.bocker.tv/mdm.htm
Donations for The Autism Connection can be made at: http://www.bocker.tv/mdm.htm
and http://www.toonecards.com and look for Matilda on the homepage welcome banner
Facebook Cause: Million Doodle March
Facebook Event: Million Doodle March
MySpace Event: Million Doodle March

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Twittered March 14, 2009 - Marie, I let the Twitter World know also. Bocker is doing a great job!

So happy to report that the Million Doodle March was a big success. Though we had rain in NY, people and pups did join us for our march for Bocker's cause, The Autism Connection. Oregon Dog Rescue's march was a huge success and they raised over $3500! We had reports from England too and everyone wants it to be a yearly event. Thanks to everyone who helped and supported our efforts. You can still make donations at: http://www.bocker.tv/mdm.htm
Photo is of Bocker and Rita...Rita's mom, CarolAnn Luccio is the Founder and President of The Autism Connection of Greene County
WOW, that's great Marie. What a wonderful thing yo and Bocker are doing. We are so proud of you. Excellent cause!


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