I am looking for a adult doodle to rescue and it seems I am always a day late. I know there are great dogs out there in shelters or in foster homes. I would like to know if anyone has any any suggestions on finding a doodle. Many of the rescues don't adopt to families with young children, so I have run into some difficulty there. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Tania, Kim Konradi is our Texas Regional Rep. For awhile, it was raining Doodles in Texas to the point that we had to have a few shipped here to the NorthEast. My best advice is to fill out an IDOG on an application for us. Then fill out applications on the dogs in the TX listings. Once your app is approved, many shelters and rescues, including us...go through the approved apps even before the dog is listed.

But you're right, many rescues and shelters will not adopt to people with young children. There are many reasons for this. Mainly, older dogs come with "baggage" that no-one can know about. Many shelter dogs were dumped at the shelter or came from an abusive or mill situation. Shelters do an assessment with the dogs but no-one can know how the dog will behave with young children. They see young kids as other pups and might play very rough and possibly nip, which is NORMAL for young dogs to do with other young dogs.

Another reason is doodles can get large and even I have been knocked over by my 95# Jack. To some extent it is a liability thing but it is also that we don't want that dog returned because of nipping or not enough time because there are young kids needing that time. It is a tough decision to make for rescues and shelters but we have to draw the line somewhere.


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