Happy Valentine's Day and a Special Announcement from THE DOODLE MESSENGER

Dearest Friends on All of the Doodle Forums,

Today is the 3rd anniversary of the founding of The Doodle Messenger. So many wonderful memories, such good work
accomplished, so many Doodles helped. It is now the time for me to turn the reins to the remaining Board Members,
and to become a quiet advocate on the Board line as an emeritus Founding Board Member.

Susan Salzer will be taking my place on the Board, and all current Board Members (see the site) will remain. But, we
need a new member. Yes indeed. We need a caring person who has time, interest, enthusiasm, and love to add to
the Board. Anyone on any site interested in serving on our Board should forward to Susan Salzer or Vicki of the 1600
Z's!!!!!!, their intention and desire to join the Board. Susan and Vicki's emails will be found on "The About Us" page
of the Doodle Messenger. We need energy, we need ideas, we need love of Doodles. On the site is an explanation of the
way we function, please read that before sending your email to serve to either Susan or Vicki. They will circulate
your desire to serve among the Board members.

In a way, The Doodle Messenger is actually nearly 3 and a half years old, for it took much to the back story to get
it going and off the ground. There are way too many people to thank, way too many; past and current Board Members
included. I have been fortunate to have met many veterinarians...and their colleagues....of our sick Doodles. It
has been both an inspiration and a joy for me. And, I have shed tears over those we have lost over the years and
look at us so smilingly from the Memorial pages.

I also thank each and every one of you across the United States, Canada, and Europe for your support as it has
been needed, your donations so freely and wonderfully made, and the successes we have shared over the years.
We are, I know, one of the few "breed" support sites for ill dogs...and many people contact me to see how they
could copy our program. I always tell them it is through joy, through love, and through determination.

I will be here for the Board to handle anything that might be needed in terms of contacting veterinarians, or support
of Doodles and their families. Last, I thank you for every donation you might have made, every worry you shared
with us, and your continued support of The Doodle Messenger. It is, after all, YOUR site. That is how it was
created, that is how it has been shared, and that is how it will continue to grow.

Now send your personal reasons for wanting to join the Board to Susan or Vicki.

All these years later we know "There will be sun in the morning." Thank you for allowing me the privilege of serving.

Dr. Judith P. LaVorgna
Founding Member of the Board
The Doodle Messenger

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 Judy will be sorely missed leading the Doodle Messenger. She has done many great things and has such a huge heart for all the sick doodles in need. Susan S. and Vicki and the others will do a wonderful job, I am sure, of keeping the mission alive and going with their passion for doodles. The Doodle Messenger is such a wonderful cause and we thank you for all the help you have given to doodles in need.

Thank you for your continuing support!


Judy, WILL BE very sorely missed. Such a wonderful voice of reason and a wonderful friend to us here at Oodles of Doodles. Her wisdom and guidance kept us going when I wasn't sure we could. Her shoes with The Doodle Messenger will be filled, but her love of our beautiful doodles will never be quieted. Happy Valentines Birthday, Doodle Messenger.

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