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At 2:43pm on August 2, 2011, Joan K Vachon said…

Thanks! How old was Thaile when you got her? Quincey is 7 months. With the type of hair that they have do you groom yourself or have to go to the groomers?  I had Labs before and always summer clipped them along with the other grooming needs they might have, but this is different but not the tight poodle curl for sure? Thanks.


At 1:40am on January 8, 2011, Edmund J Gracki said…
Thank you Jeannine, it is a pleasure to be here. As I looked at all of your photos I thought what a loved and lovey family. Happiness is so visible. Have a wonderful year.
At 1:09pm on December 4, 2010, Sue & the Crew said…
Thanks! I'm not done yet. I had to stop working on my page and do some essay grading.
At 6:21pm on November 25, 2010, Susan D. said…
Happy Thanksgiving to my dear Frenchie! (even if you don't celebrate it, I am thankful to have you as a friend!)

At 5:52pm on November 25, 2010, Sue & the Crew said…
OK, I know it is not the Canadian Thanksgiving, but Happy Holidays, J.... myspace graphic comments
At 7:18am on November 25, 2010,
LM Fowler - Admin

At 3:13pm on October 21, 2010,
LM Fowler - Admin
No just looking to see what else she can steal from me. You know, SHE did it all, I did nothing.
At 5:44pm on September 20, 2010,
LM Fowler - Admin
I hope you had a nap today and feel better.
At 6:23am on September 20, 2010,
LM Fowler - Admin
What were you up all night? You're gonna need a nap today. LOL
At 4:28pm on September 9, 2010,
LM Fowler - Admin
Love you, too! Real friends are important and should be nurtured and not hurt, yelled at, lied about or put down. You know all we have been through and our success will be because we were true to ourselves and each other.
At 9:42pm on September 6, 2010,
LM Fowler - Admin

I hope you had a nice weekend.
At 5:05pm on August 14, 2010, Sue & the Crew said…
Oh boy, I just finally got inside (it is 5 p.m.). I went to Buffalo this morning at 6 a.m. and back home by 9:30. Outside to work on the shed by 10:00 until now. Today, we didn't make progress because we had to move a door and window. So we spent all the time tearing down and redoing. I am exhausted, but it the new location for the door and window is better. Tomorrow we will put plywood up - if it doesn't rain. I didn't get a chance to post in the West today, but I will before they day is over.

How was your day? How are the girls? Hope you had a good day.
At 3:38pm on August 8, 2010, Sue & the Crew said…
J, I see you are housecleaning the Canada group. It looks great!

Hey, where are new photos of my best doggies Gamine and Thalie?

We will have to meet some day :)
At 8:28am on August 5, 2010, Sue & the Crew said…
Oops, I forgot to add the new photos. I will do it this weekend.

Do you have any new photos of Gamine and Thalie?
At 8:27am on August 5, 2010, Sue & the Crew said…
At 6:51am on August 3, 2010, Joyce Berry said…
Thanks for the welcome...we picked Rosco up in Dallas TX. in June he is 3yrs old.
At 10:18pm on August 2, 2010,
Member Since 2010
Cherie Vergini
Thank you! Glad to be here.
At 10:20am on August 2, 2010, Sue & the Crew said…
The girls say "thank you Aunt Jeannine".

I will post more photos, I took a whole bunch yesterday while they were playing outside.

I love your new photo of Thalie (shhh, don't tell pretty Gamine).
At 1:40pm on July 17, 2010, Sue & the Crew said…
Great! Just let me know what needs to be done. I double checked all the postings in the Canada group today to see if there were any changes in the dog listing.
At 9:07pm on July 14, 2010,
LM Fowler - Admin
Sue left this on my page, it was meant for you:

At 8:29pm on July 14, 2010, Sue & the Crew said…
Hi Jeannine. I am not really sure how I can help, what I have time for, but I am open to suggestions from you. Teamwork, etc. Drop me a line so we can discuss how I might be able to help. Rescue is new for me, I am still learning.

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