Chris left for work around 8:30 tonight... and I thought, well, it's nice and quiet, the fire is going and the dogs are really chill. Perhaps this might be a good time to introduce some scissors to my girl. She was soooo good. I brushed out her face and her ears (again) and decided to use the thinning sheers so that I didn't make the edges too 'straight.' I think it turned out nicely! She's looking quite fluffy and cute. Her fur on top of her head was really thick, it's lighter now. Her ears are shorter too.

Here is a before photo:

And here is the after shot:

I will have to do the clipping when Chris is here. She moves around too much for me. We're saving up for a grooming table with a proper noose loop so she doesn't hang her head which she likes to do, hehe :-) I will also finish clipping her beard a bit and do more around her eyes. Without the extra hands, I'm afraid she'll move and the scissors will end up hurting her, yikes.

She is now fast asleep on the couch with her head elevated on the arm... she looks so precious and peaceful. And of course, there is that HUGE GORGEOUS black nose ;-)

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