The doggy routine, complete with Doodle quirks...

Hi All!

Lil' Tessa is turing into quite the Dood. She is turning 2 on November 5th and I can't believe how quickly the time has past. The bouncing bundle of fur is now a LARGE bouncing bundle of fur with more personality than any other dog I know. What is it with Doods always wanting to let you know they are there... no matter what you are doing! Or how about sitting so proudly in front of you for an approving pat or licking your face until it's soaking wet :) My favorite is her poking me with a raised paw...

The Tessa routine usually goes a little something like this:

I come home and let Tess and her brother Cody out of their room... after a few minutes of buzzing around and licking my hands with pure and utter excitment, they rip down the stairs to be let outside. Tessa goes immediately into squirrel patrol mode, pacing the back fence with her head high in the air checking for scents. Cody is a good boy and has usually done his business by now and is looking for dinner. I wait patiently for the madam to do her thing... then she barrels inside and races her brother into the living room where they proceed to tackle one another for a few minutes. After they eat dins, Tessa usually has a wet beard from drinking and comes over to wipe it on my lap. She will proceed to kiss any bare skin that is available and when you start petting her and telling her how pretty she is, she belches right in your face! It makes me laugh so hard. I usually spend a bit of time rolling on the floor with them like a fool and making sure the bellies have been rubbed and the chins scratched. Tessa loves to put her paws on the couch and stealthily slink into the spot next to me... uh ah Tessa! You have to be invited. You can't be a rude doodle ;-)

Nothing else makes me smile like Tessa, with her big black nose and her pink tongue staring me in the face, those button eyes are so human! The expression in them is so precious :-)

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Comment by Jodie Hart on October 14, 2009 at 10:49pm
What a sweet story. Please add more and lots of pics.....visit my Marco's blog and learn about him too!

Comment by LM Fowler - Admin on October 10, 2009 at 7:23am
It makes you wonder how we ever lived without them.

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