First off, Happy Christmas to all!!!

I cannot believe how quickly Christmas has come this year. Here in Toronto, we have a tiny dusting of snow on the ground. A little disappointing considering when I was little, I always remember a ton of snow this time of year. This year, the storm brewing in Texas is making its way to Canada, giving snow to our northernly neighbors and rain for us southerners. Global warming is having more of an impact each year... but that's for another forum!

Tessa and Cody are slowing figuring out something magical is happening. This is our second Christmas with them both and they seem to be very intrigued by the dangly things on our Christmas tree. When we first brought it home a couple of weeks ago, Cody managed to sneak a branch off for chewing. Sigh* Of course his saggy hound eyes don't make it easy for disciplining :-)

And then there are the dog presents --- lots of them. Every time I am in Walmart or some other store that sells pet supplies, I pick something up. Their stockings will be filled with healthy treats, chews, toys (for killing and shredding) and new leashes! A blue one for Cody and a red one for the Dood. The needed replacing badly -- sweat and rain really make them stinky, eeek.

The problem now lies in wrapping. It's easier to wrap on the floor in the family room where there is lots of space to spread the paper. Usually the dogs lay around, curious, just wanting to be near. Of course now, they smell all the treats and hear the squeaks! Wrapping is near impossible without them trying to attack, haha. So I've had to hide the bag of (still unwrapped) goodies in our bedroom.. my sweeties may have to be barracaded while Mom and Dad get their treats wrapped as quickly as possible.

Merry Christmas to all... doods and humans!
Jenny and Tessa :-)

P.S. Remember to post your great Christmas photos!!

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Comment by LM Fowler - Admin on December 27, 2009 at 9:42am
I hope your Holiday was Merry. I had the same problems with getting stockings ready for 5 dogs. Since Dakota is with me, she needed a stocking, too. Santapaws was very good to all my fur babies this year, as every year. They loved Christmas morning and spent all day "killing" animals under the dining room table. Dakota hasn't shown much interest in toys but loves bully sticks and rawhide. She has also discovered that she is allowed on the couch in the family room. I have found her several times in the past day or two, belly up and stretched across the sofa. She must be feeling better and her leg is healing. I just love the night of Christmas and the day after. The house becomes quiet and peaceful. All the stress is over and everyone settles down. We spent the day yesterday watching movies and eating leftovers.

My pack and I want to wish everyone a warm winter season and a Happy New Year filled with slobbery kisses, teddy bear hugs and paw prints on your heart!

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